Opticians, Glasses & Contact Lenses

Secom - Optica LM
Optometrist and contact lenses practitioner. Sight testing, glasses and optical accessories at Largo Jean Monet, Rua Julio Cesar Machado 4A, 1250-135 Lisbon. Portuguese, German and English spoken.
Oculista do Parque, Lda.
Ophthalmology and optometry appointments with professional optician. Technical and aesthetic advice, sale of glasses, contact lens and related accessories and products.
Optivisao Oeiras
Opticians and optometrists located in the Centro Comercial Oeiras, Oeiras e Sao Juliao, Oeiras Parque, Loja 1021/2, 2780-195 Oeiras.
Oculista das Avenidas
Opticians for glasses, contact lenses, sunglasses and accessories. Avenida 5 Outubro 122-B, Nossa Senhora de Fatima, 1050-061 Lisbon.
Optica Miopia
Opticians offering a personalised service. Opening hours: Monday to Friday 09:30-13:00 and 14:30-19:30, Saturday 09:30-14:30. At Rua Miguel Bombarda 173-B, 2830-089 Barreiro.
Joplins Sunglasses
We have a vision of spreading good energies and positive vibrations, by creating something that can make an impact, such as changing regular sunglasses frames to fully sustainable bamboo frames.
Optica Conde de Redondo
Opticians based at Rua Conde Redondo 12-C, Sao Jorge de Arroios, 1150-106 Lisbon.
Eye care professionals with orthoptists, optometrists and opticians. At Rua Oliveira Martins Bloco A - Lj B, Setubal.
Casa da Visao - Optica e Servicos
Ophthalmology, optometry, contactology appointments. Prescription glasses, sunglasses, contact lenses, cleaning products. Address: Avenida Central Sao Joao de Lampas, 2707-737 Sao Joao de Lampas, Sintra.
Oculista Central de Mem Martins
Daily ophthalmology appointments. Contact lenses, sunglasses, accessories, all available. Address: Rua Fanares 14 A, 2725-306 Algueirao, Mem Martins, Sintra.
Oculista de Benfica
Technical lab, helps with adaptation to contact lenses. Opticians, ophthalmologists. At Estrada de Benfica 546-A, 1500-106 Lisbon.