Ana Sevinate MBACP - Counselling and Psychotherapy

Counsellor trained in clinical psychology (PT) and psychosynthesis counselling (UK). Registered Member MBACP. General counselling, integrative and transpersonal psychotherapy. Consultations in English and Portuguese. Based in and covering Central Lisbon; also now covering Braga in Northern Portugal.

Counselling and Psychotherapy

with Ana Sevinate


Are you unsure of your next step in life, in crisis, or experiencing difficulty? 

Psychotherapy, from my perspective and personal experience, can make sense when we are searching for meaning, when it seems that something is missing or something is not quite right. It can help deal with a particular situation or can serve when we are willing to experience a deeper personal transformation. Whatever the motivation, this search happens in the context of the therapeutic relationship, where together we may meet the deepest need to come home to ourselves, to find a resting place within. It is a place where we may find who we are, we always have been and we may be. In this sense, the therapeutic relationship honours and listens to what the body, the mind and the spirit have to say and remembers what is essential to each one of us. It allows us to relate to the different aspects of ourselves, with empathy, compassion, acceptance and curiosity. 

What can counselling and psychotherapy help with? 

Some of the possible areas approached in counselling and psychotherapy are: grief and loss; anxiety, stress and distress; psychosomatic conditions and illness; pain; depression and loss of hope; fears; self-esteem; identity; trauma; substance abuse and addictions; eating disorders; family; life crisis and change; search for life purpose; creativity; spirituality. This is not an exhaustive list and our work can address any form of suffering and struggling. So, I imagine that anything that brings you to counselling and psychotherapy brings with it a need for help and a search for meaning. 

My approach: psychosynthesis 

Psychosynthesis is a psychological approach which combines the development and the integration of the personality with transpersonal development. In its transpersonal dimension, psychosynthesis looks at symptoms, problems and life crisis as metaphors or symbols from which our psyche, purpose, potential and self-realization are revealed. 

My qualifications 

I graduated in Psychology and did my Masters (MSc) in Clinical Psychology at the Instituto Superior de Psicologia Aplicada in Lisbon. I post-graduated in Psychosynthesis Counselling from the Psychosynthesis & Education Trust, University of East London and in Palliative Care from the Medicine Faculty, University of Lisbon. I am a registered member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy and of the BACP Private Practice division. I am also an effective member of the Ordem dos Psicólogos Portugueses with the license number n.19878.

My work is guided by the ethical principle of confidentiality. I undergo clinical supervision in the UK, which promotes the quality of my practice and our work together. I guarantee that the content shared in supervision is anonymous.

My ongoing professional development includes training in psychoanalysis, art-therapy, psychopharmacology, psychosomatics, focusing and grief counselling in the context of palliative care service.


What’s next?

Our first session will be an opportunity for us to meet, for you to ask any questions you might have and for us to see if we can work together.