Analytical Psychotherapy - Pia Hylen

Psychologist, psychoanalyst and psychotherapist from UC Berkeley and University of Copenhagen, treats adults and children who need professional help to find the right balance in life - English, French, Portuguese and Scandinavian. Lisbon and Cascais.

Who seeks Therapy?

Individuals who seek therapy are often normal people who in their every day lives encounter problems they would like to solve – but somehow do not manage to get the upper hand – often there is a feeling of being overwhelmed –

The person who seeks therapy needs support to help solve a problem - 

Some encounter problems for the first time - others have experienced psychological problems earlier in life – in either case there is a need for support – one needs a place to go to – someone to talk to who can hear you - someone who can listen to you – someone who can help you -  


Problems should be dealt with – a problem has to be talked about and discussed, analyzed and finally worked through – focusing on specific elements and seeing the situation in a larger context, analyzing different factors and dealing with the intervening elements are constructive way to solve problems - 

Different problems call for different solutions – in all cases I seek to help individuals see more clearly and act in coherence with their own identity - 

Any individual may also experience a split between feelings and thinking - the aim of the treatment is to help integrate these apparent differences into a more cohesive and well functioning whole that will resist splitting off good elements off from the bad ones - 

Some of the motivations for seeking psychotherapy can be: 

Panic Attacks
–      and there are many others 

Psychoanalytic treatment demonstrates how these unconscious factors affect current relationships and patterns of behavior, traces them back to their historical origins, and helps the individual to deal better with the realities of adult life –

Psychoanalysis differs from psychotherapy in that the focus is not only upon the problem or the symptom but also on that which caused the problem to appear - like angst, stress or depression – which is addressed in order to avoid re-occurrence -


I am a psychologist and a psychoanalyst and living in Portugal and practicing in Lisbon and Cascais – 

I am Vice-President of the psychoanalytical association in Lisbon, Antena do Campo Freudiano -

For the past 20 years I have been receiving patients in private therapy - 

I work in English, French, Portuguese and the Scandinavian languages -

I also work with Champalimaud, Center for The Unknown - 

I have degrees in psychology from University of California, Berkeley, USA and University of Copenhagen, Denmark–

I have been trained in New York and in Paris – 


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