Church of England - Greater Lisbon Chaplaincy

Church of England-Greater Lisbon Chaplaincy-Church of England in Lisbon. The Greater Lisbon Chaplaincy is part of the Diocese in Europe. For places of worship see "Full Details" or directory list for Church of England.

The churches of St George, Lisbon, and St Paul, Estoril, were amalgamated in 1984 to form one organisation, which was called the Greater Lisbon Chaplaincy (of St George and St Paul). This is a legal entity, recognised in Portuguese law as a religious body. 

So we are two Anglican, English-speaking churches serving the Christian community in the Greater Lisbon area and we welcome all people, whatever their creed, race or nationality, to join us in worship. Maybe you are a visitor to Lisbon and want to experience another church during your holiday. Excellent - we really look forward to seeing you. On the other hand, maybe you are a long-term ex-pat resident in Portugal, or were even born here, but feel drawn to one of our churches. Perhaps you just want to test the water or merely enjoy the communal singing. In other words, we operate an open door policy.  The dress code is informal: wear what makes you comfortable and if you want to sit down during the service when everyone stands up, that is just fine! 

There is one full-time Chaplain, a single Church Council, four Churchwardens and a Treasurer.

The Chaplaincy is completely self-funding and receives no financial assistance from any outside body, such as the British Government or the Church of England.


St. Georges Church at Rua Sao Jorge, opposite the Jardim da Estrela. Enter through the British cemetery gate. 

Service in English every Sunday at 11:30 and all are welcome to the Church Hall after the service for drinks. Google map for location is here.

St Pauls Church at Av. Bombeiros Voluntarios 59, Estoril.

Worship in English every Sunday at 09:30 and we welcome all to the Church Hall for drinks after the service.  Google map for location is here.