Counselling & Psychotherapy services to expatriates in Lisbon, in English, Spanish and French

I provide psychotherapy services to individuals in Lisbon under the framework of Casa de Alba. I work under supervision in a multidisciplinary team of qualified psychologists and psychotherapists, and I specialise in expatriates.


I provide an unprejudiced, open-minded space where my clients are at the centre of therapy. My role is to assist them explore their concerns. The aim is to overcome challenges, negative self-beliefs, past trauma and difficult experiences and to promote mental health, resilience and wellbeing, so that life becomes more fulfilling and joyful. 


My understanding of cross-cultural issues, my multilingual skills (I speak English, Spanish and French and I am currently learning Portuguese) coupled with my multiculturalism allow me to provide psychological support to different kind of people from various nationalities in diverse circumstances.