Health2fit Wellness Solutions

Chris coaches both individuals and couples on Health and Wellness, Energy Interventions, and Sexuality and Identity. Offer lifes and relational coaching both online and in person. 

Health Coaching I can help you adopt a more healthful daily plan for your body & mind, with tips for motivation. These aids may also include a nutritional plan to guide your choices & combinations in your diet. I can create an action plan for activities that can help improve your fitness once I know your medical allowances & restrictions. 

Energy interventions provide a powerful somatic & realignment experience. The subtle and time-honoured techniques can transcend traditional & verbal means of therapy to move you forward in your life whilst transforming patterns and stories that don't serve you. 

Sexuality and Identity Coaching addresses how we view ourselves as whole persons (Mind; Body; Emotions; Spirit; and Energy). I focus on your identity, aiming to help you communicate your individuality in a safe non-threatening manner (LGBTQIA+ friendly). Your expression originates at the root of your being, so open and feel alive! I am sex positive and serve all orientations for individual & couples coaching. I can help with some of the challenges we face in communicating complex themes in these modern times (Functional challenges/ divorce & separation /polyamory/body image/ dependency / gender issues etc.). I am a member of the World Association of Sex Coaches (WASC).

UK: +44 208 123 1810

PORTUGAL: +351 93 278 8283

USA & CANADA: +1 415 237 3440