Kestrel Legal Translations

KLT is a boutique translation company specialising in legal and financial translations from Portuguese to English and English to Portuguese. We provide translation services for individuals, law firms and companies.

Our services include: 

for individuals:

Translation and certification of:

  • birth certificates
  • passports
  • criminal record certificates
  • marriage certificates
  • other documents necessary for applying for nationality, university courses, or for work purposes, among others
  • academic papers, theses and dissertations

for the legal sector:

  • contracts and agreements
  • statements of case
  • administrative and judicial court decisions
  • arbitration documents and awards
  • legal opinions
  • primary and secondary legislation

for the real estate brokerage and property management sector:

  • real estate promissory contracts
  • real estate sales contracts
  • services agreements
  • condominium master deeds
  • management regulations

for the corporate sector:

  • memoranda and articles of association/bylaws
  • shareholders agreements
  • company registration certificates
  • financial statements
  • annual reports and accounts

Our in-house translators and freelancers are experienced highly skilled legal translators and lawyer-linguists who understand your need for accurate translations and absolute confidentiality. Their professional dedication and attention to detail ensures the highest quality final translation.