Talk2Me Counselling & Psychotherapy

Christopher Thomas MBACP (Reg) offers transformative Counselling and Therapy in Lisbon and Cascais for individuals, couples and families. In peaceful, comfortable and discreet surroundings you will have a new place to begin your process of personal growth and change.


Talk 2 me  

Counselling & Psychotherapy for change 


If you sometimes…

feel sad, anxious or angry for no particular reason

experience feelings of low self esteem or low self confidence

notice that others often seem to suffer due to your behaviour

have relatives or friends who suggest that you ‘talk to someone’

find it difficult coping with illness, bereavement or a recent life change

feel alone, isolated or disconnected or

find it difficult to build or maintain relationships


Counselling can offer you a comfortable, quiet and private place to begin

the process of personal growth and change


Christopher Thomas MBACP can now see individuals, couples & families in

Lisbon , Cascais & Estoril


** Home visits are available



My work focuses on life change – positive, hopeful & powerful

We will have a joint commitment for change – that will focus on releasing your own power to live the life you fully deserve – in each moment

As we work to build a more present way of living, you can begin to free yourself from the anxiety of  ‘what has happened ‘ and ‘what might happen ‘ .

You can learn how to live more fully in each moment.

It will be counselling with a clear direction - we will agree on a road map for change- The changes you would like to work on – Where we are going - How we are going to get there  & How will we know when we arrive – simple , positive & flexible.

We will review the road map at regular intervals.

I will always be by your side.

I truly believe that we all possess the power to change & to live healthy & rewarding lives

But often our ‘relational’ experiences have led us to take a path where our ability to take care of self has become blurred  or lost,  leading often to repetitive , predictable & unhealthy behaviours , feelings and relationships .....  ‘’ Life is hard’’.  ‘’My relationships always seem to fail’’ 

We have become ‘stuck’ in a repetitive ‘ film’ that seems to be played out again and again.....where the  ‘players’ ....story & ending always  seems to be the same. 

No wonder at times we feel sad, depressed or angry...We wish to step out, but have lost the voice to do this. 

And this is why counselling can be such a unique and rewarding experience –   Within a new, safe & confidential space a journey can begin to open up new insights & understanding, leading naturally to new possibilities for change and transformation.



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