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Volunteering in Portugal ? 0 General
Any good tips about volunteering in Portugal? eco-friendly and children cares projects are welcome!!! Thanks!
started by: laszlo-simon-896044 · last update: 1490113655 · posted: 1490113655
Jeweller 0 General
Looking for a jeweller in Lisbon that does repairs. Any insight or advice on where to go are much appreciated!
started by: Kaylee-Gruber-895910 · last update: 1490008885 · posted: 1490008885
Swimming lessons in english 0 Sport & Leisure
Hello, I am a swimming instructor from Poland, now I am living in Lisbon. I giving swimm...
started by: Aleksandra-Lukanowska-895465 · last update: 1489488469 · posted: 1489488469
Latest IWP Tour Recap 0 General
The most recent tour of Lisbon has an article detailing the day, including some photos and some very interesting...
started by: Portugal Live-Team-865719 · last update: 1489342514 · posted: 1489342514
Playdate in Lisbon 0 Families & Kids
Hello everyone,My husband and I moved to Lisbon recently with our 8 month old baby boy. He's ...
started by: Anonymous · last update: 1489229032 · posted: 1489229032
Wedding Certificate Translation 1 AngloINFO Support
Hello, my wife and I are moving to Portugal, just outside Lisbon, next month, April. I am from the UK and my wif...
started by: mickjohn · last update: 1489226128 · posted: 1489226128
Searching for Portuguese birth registrat... 1 Financial & Legal
Hello,I'm a Brit living in the South of France, hoping there are some Portuguese speakers here who may be...
started by: creme-anglaise · last update: 1488890062 · posted: 1488890062
Feline Veterinarian Lisbon 1 Pets & Animals
Hi Guys,Can anyone please recommend a great feline vet in the Lisbon area. Currently having a cat with po...
started by: Mark -Freeman-894313 · last update: 1488227193 · posted: 1488227193
living on camping Vasco Da Gama, Setubal... 0 General
Hello, contemplating buying mobile home on, and moving to, Camping Vasco Da Gama, long term. Reason for this loc...
started by: mickjohn · last update: 1487996767 · posted: 1487996767
Casino Hire? 0 Entertainment
Hi, does anyone know where i can hire a couple of casino tables for a cocktail party?Thanks.
started by: James-Anger-893753 · last update: 1487623284 · posted: 1487623284
Lisbon Lighting City Ordinances 2 Financial & Legal
Hi,One of my new neighbors, a travel agency, has set up new and extremely bright lights that s...
started by: Brad-A · last update: 1487339881 · posted: 1484586193
Artist Adventurist 3 AngloINFO Support
I am seriously making plans to explore Portugal this summer. I would like some support to whom to contact for ce...
started by: kathleen-dearmas-892867 · last update: 1487266997 · posted: 1486614455
Customs Consultant 0 General
I am looking for a customs consultant for importing items from China.I need an English speakin...
started by: Bernard-Lynch-893106 · last update: 1486805470 · posted: 1486805470
10-Hour Golf Clinic at Estoril GC 0 Sport & Leisure
started by: James-Shanley-873315 · last update: 1486707906 · posted: 1486707906
11-a-side Friendly in June 0 Sport & Leisure
started by: Thomas-Kenny-892897 · last update: 1486553658 · posted: 1486553658
St. Andrew's Society Burns Night Review 0 General
A write up about the most recent Burns Night, held at the Farol de Guia in Cascais on 25 January, has been publi...
started by: Portugal Live-Team-865719 · last update: 1486050716 · posted: 1486050716
Property management 0 Home & Garden
What are some best property management companies in lisbon? Like
started by: Jacinto-Gentine-890508 · last update: 1485860389 · posted: 1485860389
Gynaecologist in Lisbon 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Can someone recommend an English spe...
started by: Joana-W-891559 · last update: 1485043802 · posted: 1485043802
IKEA bed for sale 0 Home & Garden
started by: klaudia-966763 · last update: 1484512478 · posted: 1484512478
UPDATE – WW1 Portuguese National Cemet... 0 General
A new article with an update about the Portugue...
started by: Portugal Live-Team-865719 · last update: 1484171870 · posted: 1484171870
English-Portuguese play dates! 6 Families & Kids
started by: Ana-Serafim-883641 · last update: 1484066190 · posted: 1483358511
Christmas Quiz Night Recap 0 General
Lots of great photos show how much fun was had at the latest Quiz night in a new article just posted on Cascais ...
started by: Portugal Live-Team-865719 · last update: 1482878498 · posted: 1482878498
Estoril Local Answers Award (ELAA) 0 General
started by: Portugal Live-Team-865719 · last update: 1482090912 · posted: 1482090912
Massage in the Estoril area 3 Health, Fitness & Beauty
started by: William K-10065166 · last update: 1481808734 · posted: 1481737412
Christmas Kids Appeal 0 General
started by: Portugal Live-Team-865719 · last update: 1481745801 · posted: 1481745801
Walking The Via De La Plata 0 General
Don't miss this wonderful article by Charmaine Bourne as she recalls parts of the 1,006K journey she and her hus...
started by: Portugal Live-Team-865719 · last update: 1481640241 · posted: 1481640241
IWP Visit Hindu Temple - Alameda Mahatma... 0 General
Members and guests of the IWP recently visited the Hindu temple located in Lisbon and learned a great deal. A br...
started by: Portugal Live-Team-865719 · last update: 1481319111 · posted: 1481319111
Knee and hip surgery costs 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Does anyone know of the approximate costs for knee and hip replacement operations in the Lisbon area?  It w...
started by: David Bell Conner · last update: 1481289947 · posted: 1481289947
St. Andrew's Society Ball 2016 0 General
Just published is a wonderful article sharing the details of the latest St. Andrew's Society Ball. Also mentione...
started by: Portugal Live-Team-865719 · last update: 1480953284 · posted: 1480953284
Apartment Duplex (T2 4) for sale in S. J... 0 General
Hello, I have an apartment for sale in a great location.  For more infos and photos please see the c...
started by: Ana_M · last update: 1480806281 · posted: 1480806281
Presentation on the future Museum Vilar ... 0 General
There is a new article sharing details about the future Museum Vilar Formosa - "Frontier of Peace Memorial of Re...
started by: Portugal Live-Team-865719 · last update: 1480272140 · posted: 1480272140
Need a nanny / babysitter 0 Families & Kids
Need a native English-speaking babysitter / nanny for my 3 y.o son for Nov.14 - 25.  Approx 3 hours on work...
started by: Maria-Axenova-873848 · last update: 1478720344 · posted: 1478720344
How To Nominate Someone For An Award By ... 0 General
started by: Portugal Live-Team-865719 · last update: 1478185996 · posted: 1478185996
Airport security in Portuguese airports ... 0 General
U.S. Embassy
started by: Portugal Live-Team-865719 · last update: 1477509726 · posted: 1477509726
IWP Coffee Morning 0 General
Recently, members of International Women in Portugal (IWP) held a coffee morning in support of 
started by: Portugal Live-Team-865719 · last update: 1476999284 · posted: 1476999284
Duke of Edinburgh Award Ceremony 0 General
On October 4, Oeiras International School, held the annual Duke of Edinburgh Award Ceremony, part of an internat...
started by: Portugal Live-Team-865719 · last update: 1476371141 · posted: 1476371141
Announcement: Taxi Protest in Lisbon Mon... 0 General
started by: Portugal Live-Team-865719 · last update: 1475868270 · posted: 1475868270
Heating 0 Home & Garden
Is there an independent  heating / energy specialist in the Cascais area? I need advice!
started by: Suzanne Smith · last update: 1475487910 · posted: 1475487910
Apartment wanted 0 General
I'm looking to rent an apartment/small house for maybe 1-3 months around Costa da Caprica, Charneca, Almada etc ...
started by: ecole-99450 · last update: 1474970268 · posted: 1474970268
Cascais Pub Quiz Season 7! 0 General
Lots of photos and a great Season 7 article have been shared by Hans Lamers from the night of the season's first...
started by: Anonymous · last update: 1474968770 · posted: 1474968770
IWP Celebrating 25th Anniversary 0 General
Whether or not you've heard about IWP (International Women in Portugal) We urge you to use the link to read a ne...
started by: Anonymous · last update: 1474888221 · posted: 1474888221
Areas and Pre-schools 0 Families & Kids
Hello, we are looking to move to Lisbon and like the look of campo de Ourique. I can't find any pre-schools ther...
started by: Tessa-Marchington-864743 · last update: 1474180259 · posted: 1474180259
Allergist Needed 2 Health, Fitness & Beauty
I'm hopeful to find and English speaking allergist who treats adult and children. Can anyone provide a suggestio...
started by: Anonymous · last update: 1474037475 · posted: 1474037475
Kum Kapi exhibition - Fundação Caloust... 0 General
Have you been to the Kum Kapi exhibition at the 
started by: Portugal Live-Team-865719 · last update: 1473886887 · posted: 1473886887
Pet sitting in Cascais 0 Pets & Animals
My husband and I are looking for pet sitting jobs in the area of Cascais, having had experience with vario...
started by: Matilde-O-869195 · last update: 1473422449 · posted: 1473422449
IWP visit to Companhia das Lezírias 0 General
A great new article has just been published on Lisbon Live sharing details about a very lively visit taken by IW...
started by: Anonymous · last update: 1473255162 · posted: 1473255162
Dog regulations 1 Families & Kids
Can someone tell me if an English version of what's required when you have a dog? I'm a little confused about re...
started by: Anonymous · last update: 1473111797 · posted: 1473111797
Chess for Children 0 Families & Kids
Having just found this great book about teaching children the game of Chess, I want to also pass it along here. ...
started by: Anonymous · last update: 1472808451 · posted: 1472808451
Portugal Friends - Picnic in the Park 20... 0 General
An update to the recent Picnic in the Park to support the Liga Portuguesa Contra O Cancro has just been publishe...
started by: Portugal Live-Team-865719 · last update: 1472568174 · posted: 1472568174
US Elections and Americans Voting Abroad 2 Financial & Legal
I'm interested in voting in the upcoming American elections while living here in Portugal. Has anyone here done ...
started by: Anonymous · last update: 1472565455 · posted: 1472473702