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Looking for kids' playdates in Lisbon 0 Families & Kids
We are in Lisbon for the next month with our two daughters, 9 and 12. Our girls are already desperate to play with
started by: Mara-Friedman-919780 · last update: 1516235242 · posted: 1516235242
Dyeing clothes 0 General
Hi, does anyone know if there is a professional clothing dyer. I want to dye my coat, and asked in a dry cleaners @
started by: Lindam-10064259 · last update: 1515614060 · posted: 1515614060
Notification from the Lisbon Chaplaincy 0 General
Mrs Tessa Van den Berg passed away last week.The funeral will be held on Friday, 5th January, at 11 o’clock at Al
started by: Portugal Live-Team-865719 · last update: 1514976373 · posted: 1514976373
Recommendation for Removalist from London... 0 Home & Garden
Hi all. I would love to hear if anyone has any recommendations for a good (and reasonably priced) Removalist to tak
started by: Cyndi-Fontyn-893191 · last update: 1510579873 · posted: 1510579873
British Ambassador Reaches Out to the British... 0 General
Please be sure to read the latest blog on Cascais Live as it gives details about the upcoming visit by the British
started by: Portugal Live-Team-865719 · last update: 1510083014 · posted: 1510083014
Teff flour 0 Food & Drink
Anybody know where I can teff flour in Lisbon? If they have a store that sells Ethiopian ingredients then probably
started by: Da-Ro-913818 · last update: 1509920000 · posted: 1509920000
Hummus, Baba ganoush, etc... Where to buy? 11 General
Does anyone know where in Lisboa one can buy containers of hummus, baba ganoush, tabouleh, stuffed grape leaves, et
started by: daffodil-11 · last update: 1509272093 · posted: 1392836960
Vegetarian Anyone? 1 Food & Drink
My diet is vegetarian and I was told finding food can be difficult. Are there markets in Lisbon selling vegetarian
started by: Lauryn-763208 · last update: 1509272014 · posted: 1353709603
Asbsetos corrugated roofing 0 Home & Garden
I have some old corrugated roofing sheets in my garden.  Does anyone know what the regulations are for disposi
started by: jon · last update: 1507971758 · posted: 1507971758
RBCGS – The Sun Always Shines on Golfers 0 Sport & Leisure
The latest news from the Royal British Club Golf Society including placement and prizes can be seen right here:&nbs
started by: Portugal Live-Team-865719 · last update: 1504900135 · posted: 1504900135
Where can I find Cerebrolysin? 5 Health, Fitness & Beauty
 Hello All I can't find it at any pharmacy and they don't seem to know what I'm talking about. Is it called by
started by: guard · last update: 1503793198 · posted: 1432462519
Dog walkers, sitters etc in Lisbon 0 Pets & Animals
Hello everyone!! Me, my wife and our dog (dachshund) are moving to Lisbon end of year!! Our little furry friend is
started by: Hester-Haars-905227 · last update: 1503503056 · posted: 1503503056
Looking for Children Playgroup in Sintra... 2 Families & Kids
Hello, I am Portuguese and I have a nearly 4 years old daughter. We have recently return from overseas. My daughter
started by: affernand · last update: 1501780081 · posted: 1226071899
Portuguese Highway Code 1 Financial & Legal
Good morning. I am trying to find out the official regulations relating to whether it is illegal to overtake anothe
started by: Peter-Collins-852165 · last update: 1498914536 · posted: 1498904050
Catamaran wanted 0 Sport & Leisure
We are in search of a blue water capable catamaran that is no more then ten years old. We would like to lease until
started by: Leon-Freeman-869051 · last update: 1498767720 · posted: 1498767719
home exchange 0 Home & Garden
Hi, we are a family looking at options for a 6 month home exchange. We have a home in France (poitou-charente regio
started by: cherfleur · last update: 1498457665 · posted: 1498457664
Update from The Lisbon Chaplaincy: Fires... 0 General
In light of the large forest fire and devastation in the Pedrogão Grande area, we are reaching out to encourage
started by: Portugal Live-Team-865719 · last update: 1498342809 · posted: 1498342808
A request from The Lisbon Chaplaincy 0 General
The Estoril and Cascais Bombeiros fire stations are collecting supplies for fire fighters affected by the fir
started by: Portugal Live-Team-865719 · last update: 1497913252 · posted: 1497913251
Riding for the Disabled at Pinetrees Riding... 0 General
A new article and some great photos was just published on Algarve Live. The article is by Bev Gibbons of Pinetrees
started by: Portugal Live-Team-865719 · last update: 1497614738 · posted: 1497614737
International Women in Portugal Visit Gulbenkian... 0 General
A new article detailing the International Women in Portugal's recent visit to the Jose de Almada Negreiros exhibiti
started by: Portugal Live-Team-865719 · last update: 1496401900 · posted: 1496401899