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My name jose Anthony  I'm new here I don't have work please find any job I can because  I have 2kids and wife please  help. God bless you

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Hello, my wife and I are moving to Portugal, just outside Lisbon, next month, April. I am from the UK and my wife is Thai. We were married in Thailand and that is registered in the UK. We have the wedding certificate translated into English and French; we reside in Brittany at the moment with my wife having a French Residency Card. Does the certificate, and incidentally, maybe the birth cert. also need to be translated into Portuguese to obtain the NIF and Residence Visa? Thank you for your assistance. John JOHN

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I am seriously making plans to explore Portugal this summer. I would like some support to whom to contact for certain needs. I am a lesbian single middle age seeking likemind communities of the same and try to locate where these artist and music likely live. I read about Lisbon and  Porto are 2 big cities and was hoping for find some outlets where women communities reside in affordable places. I resonate well with the waters and the hillsides and the city at times. The less tourist congestion the better for me. I would like to support the smaller town or village where there would be women networking and having a great social life.

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Hi to allYesterday August 22 at 16.30  l forgot some items in plastic bag in Lisbon metro or in Colegio Military /Luz.What can I do to find them ? Thank you

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hi to all, I am currently working on a project to open up a cafe in Lisbon and would like to start to advertise for cooks, any advise on the best websites I could advertise on ? schools ? or any contacts would be much appreciated. I am looking for someone young, creative, dynamic and ready to take on full responsibility in the kitchen ..On another note i am also trying to make contacts with good local producers around lisbon for good organic fruit and veg.. any contacts for this would also be much appreciated !Thanks :)

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Hi Does anyone knows of a swimming pool center (warm water) when one can drop in - no membership card - in Cascais? thanks alexandra

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Can anybody help with a problem I am having with my classified ad? There appears to be a problem with the email contact link. Somebody has contacted me in response to my advert, and Anglo sent me an email, but the return link is not working so I cannot respond to them. I cannot see a link to contact the site administrator to inform them about this, nor can I find a list of members so although I know the name of my proposed customer, I can't find any contact details. Help please............?

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I've lived here for 5 years, registered with family doctor. have N.IF and health card. Now my local Centro de Saude has told me I must have a Social Security number or I will not be able to see my family doctor as from Friday 16th Sept. I don't have a social security number because I am retired and don't claim any benefits. When I visited the social security office they gave me a mass of forms to fill in but I'm sure not all of them are relevant. I do understand and speak Portuguese, I know what the words mean but not always the intent behind them! Never had this problem before. They tell me the rules have changed, unfortunately no-one seems to know what this is about or be able to help me. Is there anyone out there who has this problem or any information which might help my wife and I fight through the maze of red tape? If so can you post a comment or, better still, contact me at: nigelstevenson@sapo.pt Thanks.

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Hi everyone. I'm relatively new to the Lisbon area. We, me, my husband, and son, relocated less than a year ago due to my husband's career. Relocating is never easy. I was wondering if anyone knows of any counselling services for myself and my six year old son. I would like to have some kind of support to help us get through this transitional phase. Thanks, S sandra

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