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Hi I have lost my license and currently cannot ride my motorcycle. Anyone had this happen and any fixes. Help!!!

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I want to share my frustration and alert any others who might also be getting ready to do what I tried.  My upcoming birthday puts me at the renewal age for my Portuguese driver's license. I'm an American who exchanged my NY license successfully a few years ago for a PT cartao de conduçao. The freguesia people told me I could come in and take care of this, so I thought that a great idea, geven the lines at IMTT are very long, everyday.   When I arrived, I had all the encessary paperwork, including the doctor's form my medico familiar filled out last week.  As I was handing over documents I was asked for my BI or citizens card. I don't have either, but I handed over my Residencia document.  I was told the system used by the freguesias do not allow for a Residencia entry, only the BI or CC and that I would have to go to IMTT.  Although this didn't make sense to me, I left and will now make my way to IMTT tomorrow and join the waiting line. Has anyone else had this experience?

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Can someone explain who I exchange my license for a Portuguese one? Someone told me the process is ridiculously complicated.

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A new system of penalty points for traffic violations came into force today, June 1st 2016.The Road Safety Authority has produced a leaflet which explains the major changes. It was in Portuguese so we have translated it and posted it here for people to download if they wish. http://i.imgur.com/sULekDg.jpg(NB translation errors are our own)  All Portuguese driving licences will be allocated 12 points. When drivers commit an offence points will be deducted from the driving licence on a sliding scale - according to a definition of how serious is the offence.  For example, 2 points will be taken away for a “serious” breach of traffic rules and regulations (contraordenação grave)and 4 points for a “very serious” infraction, while a road crime will result in the loss of 6 points all at once.About one third of deaths in driving accidents are caused by alcohol related incidents, so driving under the influence of either alcohol or drugs carries additional penalties. A serious violation with a blood-alcohol level of 0.5 g/litre will result in the loss of 3 points, and “very serious” at 0.8 to 1.2g/litre costs 5 points.When there are 4 points left on a licence the driver must attend additional road safety training. At only 2 points left the driver must re-take the written part of the driving test. Loss of all 12 points will result in the driving ban for 2 years after which the driver must take and pass the driving exam again.Every 3 years without crimes or serious code violations 3 points are added back to the licence up to a maximum of 15 points, thereby allowing a driver to retrieve the lost points.This system is already implemented in other European States such as France and Spain - and even the UK where points are added to a licence as a “black mark”. The new regime is intended to bring Portugal intoline while making the sanctions scheme more transparent and easier to understand.  All drivers will be able to check easily online the number of points they have left on their licence at the website https://portalcontraordenacoes.ansr.ptwhich is already up and running.SinceJanuary a digital record of all traffic violations has been kept on the new portal which, in turn, is expected to reduce the period for the application of fines from 6 months to 3 months almost immediately.Source: ANRS - AutoridadeNacional de Segurança Rodoviária

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Hi there,I was wondering if you could help me please?We're trying to import (matriculate) a bike that is currently registered outside the EU (Isle of Man) and the customs in Peniche have advised that we need a declaration from a 'customs approved lawyer' in Portugal about the bike before we can continue with the process. All good and well but they don't have a list of the said approved lawyers. It is apparently a new law that cam into affect from 1st May this year. Does anyone know of any approved customs lawyer that can do this for us in or around the Silver Coast region please?Kindest Regards,JenSent from my iPad

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Hopefully Angloinfo doesn't mind as I have also posted on the Algarve Discussions Forum.I want to update everyone on my recent IMTT experience, as most of the recent posts about this have been about horror stories. I hired a guy to go to the IMTT in the morning and take a ticket for me and keep me a place so that when I arrived it wouldn't be too long to wait so he would help if I had any issues.  Well it turned out that the guy never turned up at the IMTT so when I arrived I took a ticket and went in. It turned out there were only 5 people in front of me and within 15 mins I was called.  The lady who sorted my licence was very nice and then I waited another 5 mins to get my photo done which was taken by another very friendly lady.  They gave me my guia which was valid for 2 months and told me to return and get a replacement if my licence had not arrived before it expired. My shiny new licence arrived last week, so took less than 2 weeks!  Can hardly believe it after everything I had been told.  My advice would be if you have to go to the IMTT go on a rainy day as hardly anyone else will and of course get it done in the winter and take all possible paperwork!

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Would the cost of a taxi from Museu Calouste Gulbenkian to the airport cost more than taking the metro? Does anyone know the line I would take if I chose the metro?

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I need to renew my driving license and as I now reside in Lisbon, I cannot renew through the DVLA. Has anyone here gone through this and if so, how long might I be waiting for my PT driving license?

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Any rental bike shops about? Would like to see Lisbon and Cascais from that perspective.

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Does anyone know where I can get a photo for a renewal of my driving license? I used my remaining passport photos and now have to generate an updated picture of myself.

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Coming from Ireland and am thinking if I should import my motorbike or just buy one once I get to Lisbon. Any ideas on what works out best?

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Where should I begin looking to have a bike rack installed on my car? 

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Is theer anywhere I can find to compute an upcoming taxi fare?

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Looking for someone to help move belongings from a small apartment near Chiado to Avenida.

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We arrive from Canada next week into the Lisbon airport. Can someone tell us how much a taxi will cost to take us to the Britania Hotel? The address is Rua Rodrigues Sampaio 17, Lisbon.

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In need of a good bike repair shop to repair some gears. Could someone help with a suggestion, please?

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How much can I expect to pay for a taxi at the airport taking me to Estoril?

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Anyone know an installer for a new keyless remote for my car?

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We want to share a site with our readers that is very helpful when needing to know if you've passed an automated toll. With this site you can check if tolls are paid before they go to the tax authorities and you get a fine. There's a translation of the site in English and Spanish with the original in Portuguese. Have a look and try it out. https://www.pagamentodeportagens.pt/PPP_Portal/ The site and its information is being added to our Infopages and will be available there soon. 

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We have to get from Cascais to Obidos tomorrow with a nine year old and  two large suitcases.  Train to Lisbon looks straightforward enough,  but then it starts to get complicated.  We looked at taxis,  but all are quoting around €200.  Any advice? 

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