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I need to renew my driving license and as I now reside in Lisbon, I cannot renew through the DVLA. Has anyone here gone through this and if so, how long might I be waiting for my PT driving license?


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Good luck ! I haven't heard of anyone being successful yet! That includes a Portuguese friend who held a UK license and wanted to change. I even had another Portuguese friend in the Lisbon police try for me, again no joy.

DonnaD-746289 1460556321

An American here and I was successful in exchanging my license for a PT one this past January.  I took 2 new photos, had my medical exam report and it took me less than 45 days for my PT license. 

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I had help from ACP but understand they can no longer assist. Do you understand what's needed? Please email me here if I can help in any way - my Portuguese is good enough for IMTT and I believe we could get this sorted for you.

BuynFruit 1460904340

If you follow the directions here: will get through the exchange. Be sure to get the medical attestation if required, too:

Best of luck.

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