My IMTT Experience

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Hopefully Angloinfo doesn't mind as I have also posted on the Algarve Discussions Forum.I want to update everyone on my recent IMTT experience, as most of the recent posts about this have been about horror stories. I hired a guy to go to the IMTT in the morning and take a ticket for me and keep me a place so that when I arrived it wouldn't be too long to wait so he would help if I had any issues.  Well it turned out that the guy never turned up at the IMTT so when I arrived I took a ticket and went in. It turned out there were only 5 people in front of me and within 15 mins I was called.  The lady who sorted my licence was very nice and then I waited another 5 mins to get my photo done which was taken by another very friendly lady.  They gave me my guia which was valid for 2 months and told me to return and get a replacement if my licence had not arrived before it expired. My shiny new licence arrived last week, so took less than 2 weeks!  Can hardly believe it after everything I had been told.  My advice would be if you have to go to the IMTT go on a rainy day as hardly anyone else will and of course get it done in the winter and take all possible paperwork!


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