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Rick Shaw



I want to share my frustration and alert any others who might also be getting ready to do what I tried.  My upcoming birthday puts me at the renewal age for my Portuguese driver's license. I'm an American who exchanged my NY license successfully a few years ago for a PT cartao de conduçao. The freguesia people told me I could come in and take care of this, so I thought that a great idea, geven the lines at IMTT are very long, everyday.   When I arrived, I had all the encessary paperwork, including the doctor's form my medico familiar filled out last week.  As I was handing over documents I was asked for my BI or citizens card. I don't have either, but I handed over my Residencia document.  I was told the system used by the freguesias do not allow for a Residencia entry, only the BI or CC and that I would have to go to IMTT.  Although this didn't make sense to me, I left and will now make my way to IMTT tomorrow and join the waiting line. Has anyone else had this experience?


Verinia 1445513598

I haven't has this exact experience, but I did have a similar problem with trying to do my alojamento local application online. I think the problem lies in the fact that the technologcal systems are tied into the Citizen's card which can be scanned into a system, and all the details instantly downloaded. It acts like an electronic fingerprint.  The systems can't seem to cope with residencias. This may not be a fact, but is only my suppostion!

Buynfruit 1445824897

I agree Vernia. It's very frustrating, but in my case when this very same thing happened, I went to IMTT. I lost a few hours waiting in line to get the paper that stands in for your actual (card) license, in case you don't have it in hand at expiration.  

The technology aspect is terrible and you would think the ones in charge of planning these things would look ahead and make it possible for those who live here, pay taxes and help support the economy, to keep their lives in order as well as the Portuguese nationals.

Suzanne Smith 1445855983

There are easier ways. 

The AXP (Automóvel Club de Portugal) renews licenses for members, quickly and efficiently, for a fee. Of course, you have to pay a membership fee as well.

And then there is an office inmthe forecourt of Cascais ststion, who will do it for you, for a fee

Rick Shaw 1446152490

I didn't know that ACP would take care of that for me. But I had a huge surprise today when the postman rang the bell and handed me an envelope from IMTT that contained my new PT license. When I told a Portuguese friend, they were speechless.

Micki 1460546713

We are unable to reach the IMTT, either via their website, email or phone number. We need to obtain the physician's report / physician certificate but understand that we must use the IMTT form. Can anyone suggest alternatives to obtaining that form?

nelinha 1469050780

Hi Micki, sorry I pressed the wrong button and it seems that I reported you? My apologies. As far as I know your family doctor should have a copy of the medical report form on his computer. Throughout the country there are offices that will deal with this type of request for a price obviously. If you live near Cascais, go to the office in the forecourt of the train station and they will do all the work for you. My husband has just renewed his driver's licence there, got a new one within 3 weeks and they did it on the basis of a german passport, a residencia certificate and 80 euros. The eye test was done in the premises by their own doctor who comes once a week. I exchanged my South African driver's licence for a Pt one also through them with no problem, the only work I did was getting a certificate from South Africa stating that my licence was valid, another certificate from the embassy stating that the first certificate was real and valid and then the rest of the work was done by the office in the train station courtyard. Good luck 

BuynFruit 1469138813

I sometimes have trouble getting the IMTT site, too. But luckily tonight I could retrieve this link for the medical form: http://www.imtt.pt/sites/IMTT/Portugues/Condutores/CartaConducao/Documents/Modelo_Atestado_Medico_2012.pdf

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