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Hello there.. We will move to Portugal in Lisabon, and i am considering to bring with me a motorbike. Any recommendation of a insurance company, and expected price (fully covered)... It will probably be a BMW RT 1200, price approx 15 000 Euro.. Any idea ??

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When is the Auto Fair in Lisbon?

started by: LucyB-756464 · last update: 1208172404 · posted: 1207818192

Has anybody ever got done for speeding here? I've never seen any camaras do they exist here? Lucy B

started by: ronaldo-756021 · last update: 1207217904 · posted: 1207135431

Can you tell me when and where this show is? Interested in seeing the Bugattis.

started by: chunkymonkey-756475 · last update: 1206982438 · posted: 1206639046

What age do you have to be to ride what cc scooter and what are the legal requirements re testing (MOT) and insurance?

started by: nigel-756099 · last update: 1206614372 · posted: 1206549136

Are there different prices in Gas throughout the country? Where are the cheapest Petrol stations?

started by: LucyB-756464 · last update: 1206275339 · posted: 1206275339

Which is the best way to get down to the Algarve and avoid the toll road? A scenic route would be good, time/speed is of no importance. Lucy B

started by: luke&nat · last update: 1205774990 · posted: 1205341656

Hi folks We live outside Lisbon and wondered whether anybody knows of, or could recommend, a shuttle service to the airport. Thanks

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I just love bikes and I heard there will be a fair in Lisbon. Is it still on?

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its time for a new car, well new second-hand. we want one that's as environmentally sound as possible. Ideas please.

started by: Mc Ginn · last update: 1201807005 · posted: 1201701622

Want to know if there is a Car Hire Company in Lisbon that hires cars to persons without a Credit Card. I have no problem in the Algarve but I found it very difficult when I arrived in Lisbon Airport to hire a car without a Credit Card. On principal I do not carry a card as I was caught up in a Credit Card scam and lost money as a result. I do carry a Debit Card and than can be held as deposit if required. Your help very much appreciated. Rgs D David

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I am looking for a limousine service in Lisbon as i have some VIP´s arriving, and need limo transport for them for 3 days, anything like that in Lisbon.

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Why exactly was the rally cancelled? We were discussing it the other day and I've heard conflicting things.

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When do the new metro stations open?

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I have to get an old car to the scrap metal yard, am i allowed to tow it on a rope, or do i have to put it on a transporter?

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Does anyone know an English speaking car radio installer, has to be a professional as it could be a complex operation!

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Dear friends, can anyone tell me if it is best to buy a used car in Pportugal (I am thinking of a small, automatic, AC car for normal evryday use) or to uy one aroad (in the netherlands or France, for example) and to import it into Portugal? I understand I would have to pay customs duties or tax if I am not a resident in anothr EU country.... which is the case. So how does that work, and what does it reaaly cost: is it worth it, or should I simply concentrate on buying a used car in Portugal? Michael Michael

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I just bought a car and I need to get an insurance. I saw on TV OKteleseguro, SeguroDirecto. Can anyone advise me on which one to choose? Are there ones reliable compared to major companies like AXA?

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Do children take Cycle proficiency tests at school here or is it done somewhere else. I think its a really useful thing and would like the children to take part.

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I want to buy a second-hand car in Lisbon, does anyone know what documents are required to do so?

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