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Hello all - we plan on staying in Portugal as residents so we have to know about driving legally. We hold driver's permits from Wisconsin in the USA that are valid for 4 more years. Do we keep our licenses and not worry or do we need a Portuguese license?

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In need of a good rental car company please.

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Hello, I live in Sintra  Does  anyone know where I can get a minor scratch/chips repaired on my Audi? I am sure I saw a repair station in one of the shopping mall garages.

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Could any kind person/s please tell me what the Dacia dealer means when stating " Sem Desp. Admin. e de Transp"  after the price?  I know it means without something or other..... THANK YOU!!

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We will be moving to the Obidos area to live permanenetly early next year (2015), but the prices of cars are exorbitant in Portugal! (Why?? It can't just be the high VAT as the price difference is about 30-35%)...ANYWAY, we were wondering what the costs/obstacles would be re. buying a new car in SPAIN or FRANCE, and then registering it in Portugal? ***We are aware there will be tax/duty etc. as the car will be new. (We currently live in Cyprus, so shipping is expensive for our currently owned car-can't just drive it over as the rest of the EU can)...so I am NOT asking about duty-free importation***.   ANY REPLY WOULD BE VERY WELCOME! THANK YOU IN ADVANCE.

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I arrive in Lisbon on the 13th January, need to hire a car for 5 days, I do not have a credit card, only Debit...Any ideas who/what Hire company I could use...

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Does anyone have an insurance person whose name they might want to share? I am interested in auto and life policies.

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While touring Lisbon is it wrth it to rent a car? We're older and can't do a lot of walking but want to see the city. Are there other options for us?   Thanks - Bea

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I must decide to drive or fly from Lisbon to Faro in a few weeks and want to compare airfare to tolls/gas. Is there a website where I can get this sort of information?

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Our car remote is no longer working and must be replaced. Looking for a local replair shop to handle if anyone has one to share.  Thanks!

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I saw this in another place and think it's something good to pass on www.youtube.com/watch_...Uqf71muwWc

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What would I need to look out for when I buy a second hand car from a private person? Any advice or legal guidelines ref?

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USA license holders needing to exchange license for PT driver's permit. Does anyone know how to do this?

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I applied for a Portuguese driving licence over 5 months ago and have still not received it. Just been to the office today who informed me Lisbon is having trouble with producing them and it could be another 1 or 2 months. (in Madeira) I have a hire car booked in the UK in 4 weeks (already paid for), can anyone advise how I could get in touch with the driving licence office in Lisbon to hurry things along? or can some one advise if hire companies will accept the white temporary licence or a photocopy of my UK licence (which was not due to expire for 10 years.

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A non-Portuguese colleague is learning to drive in Portugual and has asked me if I know if there is a booklet in  English of the " Portuguese Highway Code"?   Sotonian    

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Please, can anyone clarify me the procedure of exchanging my Pakistani driving licence into Portuguese one. Obrigado. Iman Kan

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Has anyone taken the portuguese driving test recently or having lessons right now? I need to get my driving licence but am a bit worried about the language issue. I understand quite we'll but speaking is still difficult for me. I've spoken to one school who say they've had students Ike me and have gotten by just fine. Does anyone have any tips or advice, is it easy? I've been driving for 10 years anyway but can't transfer my licence here so it's just a case of making sure I understand we'll enough! Thanks in advance :)

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From yesterday 7 November, motorist in the European Union will not be able to dodge penalties if they are driving in a country that is different to the one where their car is registered. Have a look at this link on AngloINFO World: Expat Life: The End of Motoring Immunity in Europe

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I didn't drive in the UK but I'm going to start learning to drive here and am looking for the Portuguese Highway code translated in to English.  Would anyone know here I could get a copy? Many thanks

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Would someone remind me of the website where there are a lot of cars for sale? I've checked AngloInfo classifieds but sadly, most people are selling furniture or apartments right now. 

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