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You pay for the fuel, ferry, tolls etc - and o/n accom in Campanile type B&B and return flight and I will deliver/collect your car/van/truck from England for no fee. So, would cost you no more than if you drive yourself, but saves you the time and effort. I am retired ex truck driver/transport manager. I have done 2 similar jobs so far, 1 to Braga, near Porto and one to Kos (that was a while ago though). This is not a business, just gives me something to do. email - michaelnathan@btinternet.com Cheers - Mike

started by: Madge-762481 · last update: 1369148537 · posted: 1369001885

It seems I'm having trouble with my clutch or worse, the transmission in my 1999 Hyundai that normally runs great. That means that I've not needed a repair person since moving to Lisbon. Can someone suggest an honest, English speaking /understanding repair person? It does not matter where the repair person is located - Lisbon area anywhere. Thanks in advance. :)

started by: S_Mayer · last update: 1368186543 · posted: 1368013558

Can someone tell me where I can find information on the blue wheelchair signs needed for handicap persons' vehicles, please?

started by: EileenLahey · last update: 1367088881 · posted: 1366953832

My question is about driving and whether I should rent a car or take the Metro from the airport?  I'd like to see the highlights of the city but not with hassles driving and parking if that's going to be the case.      

started by: Bertie-763325 · last update: 1365553535 · posted: 1365553535

Does anyone have the name of a good driving school - Oeiras area.

started by: SandDreamer · last update: 1364855909 · posted: 1364762804

In need of a mechanic for a 2006 Volvo wagon - should be able to help solve an A/C problem, please.

started by: LucyInLisbon · last update: 1361823436 · posted: 1361445231

We've a wheelchair bound friend coming tro visit soon and hopeful to be able to find a company to hire to include him on a tour of the city and perhaps Cascais. Any suggestions?

started by: Causeur · last update: 1361224181 · posted: 1361059828

Hi everyone - we'll be relocating to Lisbon this summer for 1 year or more and will need to buy a car.      Are there local papers or site where I can look for private sales of vehicles?

started by: Naomi Smith · last update: 1357072302 · posted: 1356740421

I'll be looking for a car once arrived and moved in and would like to go to someplace trustworthy and reliable.  What's the best way to look and buy a car there? Is negotiation part of the process?

started by: Laka · last update: 1352230807 · posted: 1352058118

Hello will have an rental car and will stay near the airport. We are planning to play golf and will drive from nearby lisbon airport to cascais and also south to aoirera for golf. How much do they charge for those drives and is there manual payment or how do you pay if not manual? Regards from sweden

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Local discounts have been stopped for all 7 SCUT highways that were relying on discounts due to residence. However, it has now been announced that there is a 15% reduction in the toll price for everyone.   Additionally, there's a reduction for trucks of10% during the day, and 25% at night.   Source:http://www.dn.pt/inicio/portugal/interior.aspx?content_id=2801318

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Departing Lisbon area on Tuesday 02/10.  If anyone in or around Lisbon needs a ride in the general direction of Valencia/Alicante regions, car running empty with space for up to four regular size adults (at a push) and reasonable luggage.  If this trip is of any help or interest, please get in touch.   Not a commercial transport offer.  Contribution to costs would be helpful and pleasant company appreciated.    Fancy a weekend in Benidorm?  Probably not!   Regards, Chris Shepherd

started by: reni-763949 · last update: 1345934323 · posted: 1345825589

Hi, could anyone please give me some advice and info about parking of a rent-a-car on the streets of Albufeira, Faros, Lago and Portimao. As well do you know if there are any free public parkings or if paid only what is the fee? thanks, reni

started by: Dominic B · last update: 1345169856 · posted: 1344810615

Hi Everyone, I need some advice. I want to pass my motorbike license in the Oeiras area. I am a British citizen and I will live here for the next two years. I don't have a UK driving license and I don't have a UK motorbike license. I want to take classes and pass the Portuguese test in English. Can anyone help??? Thanks, Dominic

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Needing info on the best way to get someone from the airport to Carnaxide. We're not with our own transportation yet, so a car is not possible. Anyone know what taxi fare might cost?

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Just a reminder that there's another strike tomorrow - I wonder how transportation will be in the morning? Are trains running?

started by: Madge-762481 · last update: 1332281177 · posted: 1332193178

We've a 13 yr old coming to visit who loves karting. Anywhere local we might take him to "play" while the grown ups go off and do something equally as fun?

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Can anyone give me the name and phone number af a reliable local taxi company?

started by: anthony-763487 · last update: 1330364966 · posted: 1330351047

Can anyone please advise me what the Toll Road charges would cost travelling From Lisbon To Almancil, Faro.Many Thanks

started by: hinson76-763486 · last update: 1330292363 · posted: 1330266239

Are there 5 seater taxis in Cascais ?.We are visiting as a family of 5 and want to avoid hiring 2 taxis to go everywhere.I know we can get down the coast by train.

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