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Throttle body for a Nissan Micra 1997 K11, manual transmission. Repair person says he can't locate. Does anyone know of a junkyard or used supply that can be counted on for this part? Thanks in advance for any information.

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We purchased a Via Verde device for a trip this weekend at CTT for our Portuguese registered car. After purchase, we were instructed to go to a Multibanco ATM and validate the device. We've been trying to do so since Friday evening and it still will not validate. Going under the gantries, the device beeped but while at the manual tool booths, we didn't trust it, took it down and paid our toll. My husband was a bit worried about going through the Via Verde lane and getting a ticket for a device that might not be recognised!Has any one else had problems like this? We've contact the Via Verde "help" line, but all they told us to do was to use the device!

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We're planning to move to Portugal soon. Could anyone suggest a good car (and home) insurance company?

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Required Urgently - Can anyone recommend a garage / mechanic that can repair gas converted camper (gas / petrol), located near San Antonio or willing to travel to that area? Insurers have been unable to locate anyone in the area & Camper may have to be re-patriated back to UK at great cost!! Any help greatly appreciated!!!!!!!

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hi, iam going to be driving from Lisbon to Lagos on the A22 are the tolls in operation ? . THANK YOU

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Looking into car leases, we've found that for about 500 euros/month one can lease a car that, were one buying it, it would cost only 200 euros/month. We understood that leasing was highly popular and cost effective here. Any guidance and insight?

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Does anyone know of a Portuguese site that posts a selection of gas prices from stations around the area? Thanks!

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Looking for driving lessons in Lisbon. English speaking company is definitely a must as well as a patient teacher.

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Hi I've started a new business in Portugal... I'm currently in the UK and planning on moving to PT (Lisboa area) within the year.My business partner (in PT) and myself are considering having a car for the business... something that we both can use... she on a daily basis, an me when I visit from time to time.I am considering going the Leasing route, however there does not seem to be much information about leasing options in PT.. or even many companies that do this.Speaking to one company they kept talking about renting a car...So, is anyone able to shed any light on this for me, please? What is the difference between Leasing and ALD and renting?All I want to do is get a car, pay for it for 12-24 months and give the car back and swap for another.. with insurance, and maintenance taken care of by the company we are paying.Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Travelling the roadways without the device makes me nervous with all the non-payment gantries going up but I don't really understand the bit about the deposit for the device. Non-refundable, but does the initial amount of €27 go towards tolls incurred?

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Could anyone tell me where I should go to register my new car for a resident's parking permit? (I live in Mercês, Lisbon) I can't afford Zona Amarela parking fees!lol

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Hello, I am trying to decide whether to buy car tyres in Portugal or when I visit the UK in September. Can anyone advise if they are cheaper here and if so where is the best place to buy. Thanks

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We will be in need of a good limo service next month to transport some special guests from the airport. Is there one that will provide outstanding service?

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I was just driving on the A25 and saw all the toll gantries. Are they operational yet?

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Please, where can I find out what the speed limits are for highways, national roads and roads in my neighbourhood? Just beginning to drive here and don't want any trouble.

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Can anyone confirm that there's been a change this year during August when tolls will be collected unlike past years when they suspended toll collection?

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Looking for pet friendly caravan sites Silver Coast area for June and July.

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My car badly needs a service, can anyone recommend a garage or mechanic in the Caldas da Rainha area? I would like someone who speaks English as my Portuguese is limited!

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We're looking for a different way to explore Lisbon that's more fun than driving around in a car or on a bus. Any suggestions?

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Planning on doing a bit of biking soon and nowhere can I find whether bike helmets are a mandatory item. Does anyone know?

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