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Did you know, that if you want to Matriculation a Right Hand Drive Car, the Alfandega give you the Valuation for a Left hand Drive Car for Europe. If you Contact pedro.cid@eurotaxglass.pt and fill in the Form, you must put all your dtails and that you have a right hand drive car for 4 Euros they will give you a brief valuation, but if you want a detailed valuation for Alfandega you will get a certificate and a proper valuation it will cost you 50 Euros plus IVA, Alfandega valued our car at 19,800 Euros but Eurotaxglass valued it at 10,300 Euros becuase it was a right hand drive in Europe. A friend of ours has also done this and had his Tax reduced by half, we will know this week how much our Tax will be, but at the moment they have given us 4,300 Euros and this is on a valuation of 19,800 Euros. Alfandega will definately accept this Valuation, as they were the ones that gave us the Contact when we queried the value of a RH drive car in Portugal. Good Luck. PS I will let you know what the new value is when we get it. Jacqui .t

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Glad to find this forum as I'm new to Lisbon and find my self with car trouble. I've got a hole in a radiator line from what I can see and need repaired. Can someone advise a good shop or repair person for this sort of thing? Thank you.

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We're needing a rental for a day or two but don't know what company we should use. Any suggestions from peeps here?

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Is there a good way to get from Setubal up to Leiria without paying tolls?

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With gas prices being higher almost every day, is there a place that I can go online to search for prices?

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Hi' Does anyone know a car leasing company that I can hire one from for at least 12 months. I do not want to bring my UK car over due to the ristrictions. I thought it better to lease for a year rather than buy and then have to sell it at the end. It does not have to be a new vehicle.. Cheers to all that reply..

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We're thinking of finally bringing our car down with us but worried about import taxes. If someone could lead me to where I can reasonably calculate an amount we could owe?

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We're taking a trip up the coast but want to be able to check roadway conditions online. Is this possible? We have a GPS, but would like another reliable way of checking for accidents, construction, etc.

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Hello I am now a resident of Portugal. I have successfully imported my belongings and car. My question is can I legally drive my husbands foreign registered car (he is not yet a resident) if i have his written permission. I am covered by his car insurance.

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Hi, We're going back to the UK to buy a car, and I would like to know how we calculate the emissions and charges for matriculation.I know there is a site we can go on, but I don't know what it is, also can it be translated into English?

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Looking for a mini van to rent for a weekend outing.

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Having just started driving here, I'm curious what to do with the gentlemen who always want to direct me to a parking place even if it's on the street. Am I supposed to pay them something? This is a new phenomenon for me!

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Our residency was recently approved by SEF and thanks to Anglo we were able to know exactly what was needed to exchange our USA licenses for Portuguese licenses. Thank you for a great resource.

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Hi all I'm selling a uk vans at the mooment does anyone know of a company / person who purchase them either in Portugal or Spain Any help advice appreciated

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I want to import a car from the UK to Portugal but I am unsure if I will need to take it back to the uk for an MOT. Can any one advise please?

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I've gone and gotten a hole in my leather seat from a friend's cigar. Can someone recommend a good repair shop?

started by: LuckyChap · last update: 1291327356 · posted: 1291162836

Crack in my windscreen and it must be repaired before it gets worse. Recommendations as to where I can go for repair?

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Just wanted to say thanks angloinfo for the information about road closures. It's pretty much made me decide not to drive!! I probably would have been stuck in traffic all day tomorrow if you hadn't clarified the road closures. Bike it is for me then.

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looking to buy a uk reg car, must have mot. under 6,000 eurosemail meomostra06@yahoo.co.uk

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Our residency has been approved; does anyone know how long I have until I must change my USA driving permit for a Portuguese permit?

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