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I am looking for a good bicycle shop in Lisbon to get my Marin mountain bike serviced. Can anyone recommend a good shop in Lisbon please? Grateful for any advice offered. Thanks in advance.

started by: petejune-761412 · last update: 1287178733 · posted: 1286912023

We have just moved from France to live in GOIS and need to change the car plates to Portuguese ,the car is 8yrs old and we have had it for 6yrs.The car is registered in France but was ENGLISH so it is a right hand drive.Does anybody know who will do this for this and any idea of cost.

started by: Mike Buckley · last update: 1286752909 · posted: 1286659496

We're haveing a discussion at a friend's house about what to do in case of a single care accident. Back "home" it had to be reported but I'm told that here as long as it was a single care involving no one else that you may simply drive away. Can anyone elaborate on this?

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Does anyone know of an insurance company which will insure a car just for a month or two?

started by: HarrysGirl · last update: 1285002620 · posted: 1255556483

I'm looking for someone to give my car a really good clean and wax. Is there anyone that you've used and would recommend? I can't do it myself due to a long term injury.

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Hi all, we're moving to Portugal from France in a few weeks time. I have a French mercedes LHD C270 estate, 2002, vgc, full merc sh, 4 new tyres/brakes last month, 134k km. Would anyone consider exchanging for a Portuguese car. Failing that can anyone tell me how much it would cost to register it here. Can anyone recommend an agent to assist with the process. Many thanks.

started by: Mike Buckley · last update: 1281647929 · posted: 1281223791

Would like to bring my car over from home but hear that it can be difficult. Would appreciate any information to help me decide. Also, if you can tell me what steps I should take if i decide to do so.

started by: T&G_Newbridge · last update: 1279252368 · posted: 1279119463

We're looking to buy a used car and need help. Is it best to go through private sellers and what paperwork will we need?

started by: Sobral-761691 · last update: 1278530301 · posted: 1278279955

I have the opportunity of purchasing a UK registered car which was previously registered in Portugal from new. Can anyone advise me if the re-registration of this car back to its original plates in Portugal is possible and would I be liable for any tax/import duty, even though this (Tax) was already paid when the car was first purchased in Portugal.

started by: RZA · last update: 1273826457 · posted: 1269993140

Got some mates coming over soon. Want to arrange an English cabbie for them for the long journey from the airport to my house...and a reliable one so they don't get ripped off. Anyone know of any?

started by: jocko-761353 · last update: 1273570249 · posted: 1266429762

Hello, Does anybody know what tax we are possible liable to if bring UK car with us when relicating to south Portugal Cheers, Jocko

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All I ask is €200 for fuel if you need a lift

started by: Jo James-761382 · last update: 1267039251 · posted: 1266948416

Currently, we have a blue handicap placard for our cars that we are able to use due to a disability. Will this placard be good when we move to Lisbon or will I have to apply for a new one? We have a placard as we have more than 1 vehicle and our child travels in both. We're coming from the USA.Thanks for any help.

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Hi There,I have recently purchased a car which is portuguese resistered, was to be sold as parts, but I have done the repair work on it, however it has no documents with it, does anybody on this site know how, or if it will be possible to obtain the paperwork for it? I actually live in France, so I would like to get it French registered.Thank you in advance for any ingo/help.

started by: RZA · last update: 1265326646 · posted: 1265222098

I've just started to consider getting a scooter.Can anyone tell me what the deal is with licences, insurance, etc, as a foreign resident?Thanks

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Where can I find the times for the airport bus?

started by: agnes devlin · last update: 1264199261 · posted: 1264102831

We plan on doing some sightseeing in the old area of Alfama. How easy will it be to find parking there? Are we better off taking a bus or even Metro?

started by: MovingOn-760850 · last update: 1264022904 · posted: 1254603787

Does anyone know of a cheaper parking option for Lisbon airport?I'll be away for a week, and would prefer to drive myself & the airport lot will be too expensive. Surely there must be a competitive parking lot around somewhere.

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I'd like to buy a GPs to get around. Does anyone have any recommendations? And where to buy? *Can you tell I'm the new guy, asking lots of quetions, right?

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We're thinking of doing a bike ride but want to know if anyone has seens any bike trails in the Lisbon area? Don't want to be in with the traffic!

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