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This may be a bit of a stupid question, but must I carry one of those yellow vest with me when I ride my motorcycle?

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We are moving to portugal next week near proenca - a - novacan anyone please tell me , if there is a car hire around that area

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Does anyone know how long it is legal to have a UK car in Portugal (or any EU country) for, before you have to get your car assessed and registered locally?

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I am about ready to buy a car over here but am confused about what documents I have to keep with me in the car once I'm driving. Can anyone help?

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HELP does anoyone know a company that you can hire a van in the uk and return it to portugal as i need to move some things next week and can only find return to uk van companies so far WHICH means double ferry and a long drive twice; europcar hire cars that can be dropped in port but not vans

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I'm in the UK at the moment but am coming back to Lisbon soon. I am about to buy a used car and am trying to get 12 month European warranty, but can only find 100 days. Does anyone know where I can get 12 month warranty.

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I am a Portuguese citizen from South Africa working in Qatar and would consider bringing a EEC spec car back to Portugal. Importing from another EEC country is quite straightforward and subject to keeping the vehicle for a stated period no duty is payable. There is no Portuguese Embassy here in Qatar where I can pose the question of what is the duty situation if importing from outside the EEC. Has anyone any knowledge of importing cars from outside the EEC and if any duty is payable? Would appreciate any help Robert

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I am a little nervous about this what are the rules is it best to go to a dealer

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Hi has anyone bought a atv from this company,i`m thinking of doing so but i`d like to see if any one else has.They say they are at rue soeiro gomes,deposito 31,lisbon 1600.I`m in england at the moment so i don`t if this is even a correct address! Thanks

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Hi has anyone used this shipping agent "triple trade zone"before are they good or bad?

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that would bring me home if the car conked out in another country.

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are there any good low price hotels chains I should look out for to keep costs down

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Everyone seems to be getting them, are they worth it? i have heard stories of people ending up on mountain tracks when they are on the shortest route between two points.

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I would love to travel around Portugal on my Ducati. Are the roads good, any routes you would recommend?

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Whos the official Chevrolet car dealership in Lisbon please?

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Someone has pinched my car number plates, i have been to the police with the car and my documents, but it makes me wonder whats going to happen next.

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Quadbike for sale. Only used a handful of times. €100.

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Just to let anyone living in or passing through Montijo, please be careful, there have been a lot of car jackings there over the last while. Spoke to the local police about it. Their advice is, if you think someone is trying to carjack you, lock tight to the car in front, they normally try and get one car in front of you and one car behind. Sometimes they will deliberately give you a little jerk from behind, when you get out to see what has happened they will jump into your car and take off. Go with your instincts, you will normally be right. Take care out there.

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My GPS has been my lifeline since moving to Lisbon. I have noticed that several streets that have obviously been in Lisbon for a long time are not registering on my GPS. How do I download new software to update my system? Do I have to pay to do this? It is a top of the range Tom Tom. Any advice would be great.

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Dear All there is a open track day in Estoril this Sunday (5 Apr). Is anyone coming? cheers Andrius

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