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I read somewhere that they are planning on introducing a new system in Portugal where all the vehicle ID details will be stored on a chip on the licence plates. Anyone know more?

started by: familylife · last update: 1237983974 · posted: 1227340228

Started the car this morning and it runs on tickover, but when i give it some revs it backfires, any ideas whats up with it.

started by: Andy-758595 · last update: 1237983890 · posted: 1233273056

Looking for a reputable BMW car showroom in Lisbon?

started by: Ace-758783 · last update: 1237983279 · posted: 1237852332

Have heard that if you drive in Lisbon you take your life in your hands! Is it as bad as it is made out to be? Anyone any views on the matter?

started by: Blueberrymuffin-758796 · last update: 1237556492 · posted: 1237497055

I want to drive from Lisbon to the Algarve, how long would it take roughly?

started by: Brusselsprout-758786 · last update: 1236515909 · posted: 1236360222

I travel twice daily across the Vasco da Gama bridge. I am horrified at the speed some people seem to travel at - I see on average four crashes a day while travelling to Alvalade. My son of 7 witnessed a man being killed on the other side of the road while we were waiting to pay the toll, an horrific experience for him. When does it stop, why is nothing being done about it?

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Another car question while I'm on a learning curve - aside from the accident report form, are there any rules about what you have to have in the car. I know about the safy vest and the triangle, I've got those. Does anyone know what else there is?

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Well, it's not actually that dramatic!! I reversed into a concrete bollard thing just over bumper height and mangled the corner of my car. I don't really care as it's a P.O.Rubbish car BUT, I realised that I have no idea what to do if I'd actually reversed into another car. I have insurance and everything of course, but I'm not sure what actually happens after a crash what to do, where to go etc. Does anyone know?

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Is there anywhere I can get my Tom Tom upgraded without having to go online and pay about €90? Is there any free upgrade available anywhere?

started by: Ryan-758695 · last update: 1234042399 · posted: 1233962185

How do I go about importing a car into Portugal?

started by: Nial-757870 · last update: 1233963783 · posted: 1228603971

Hi All Has anyone taken motorbike lessons in this area. I have a UK car driving licence but I want the motorbike part (A1 up to 125cc). I am after recommendations for Escola de Conducao that are willing to teach an English speaker who can read a small bit of Portuguese, so this will hopefully be useful for taking the theory test which I assume will be all Portuguese. Any ideas of how many hours of lessons are required for this licence. melhor cumprimentos Nial

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Moving from southern France to Lisbon and just finding out if classic cars such as MGBs are popular in Lisbon ?

started by: maurice-756600 · last update: 1233500810 · posted: 1219251703

Has anyone re-registered a 7.5T lorry in Portugal?

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What are the laws re. high visibility jackets over here? Is it one per passenger or one per car legally?

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Can someone tell me how much the toll to cross the Vasco de Gama bridge has gone up?

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Can someone explain to me the European's Commissions legislation to introduce day lights on cars etc by 2011? I didn't catch the full story, surely it can't be what I think - that's crazy!

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Is it possible to check and compare Portuguese gas station prices online?

started by: dazed&confused-756899 · last update: 1223631224 · posted: 1223546519

What are the set ages for renewing your driving licence and is it relatively straight forward to do this?

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Our friend is stranded in Portugal due to working for someone who never paid him.We are trying to get him to us in France so we can put him up and feed him.So is anyone travelling from just below Coimbra to France who might be able to help?

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Are people who haven't paid their speeding fines (Nov -Apr) going to get away with it?

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