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Wheres the cheapest place to get new tyres in Lisbon, anyone know of any offers on at the moment

started by: micky-756053 · last update: 1219832370 · posted: 1219746029

A mate wants to start driving lessons in Sept and is struggling to find an available instructor. What's going on?

started by: vince-756020 · last update: 1219138342 · posted: 1219079384

I know the gvt has just approved the introduction of congestion charges. Not too happy about it given that it's just another cost motorists will have to pay. Can someone tell me what the congestion charge is likely to be and who it will apply to?

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I am a very nervous and new cyclist could anyone recommend a good place to practise around the city please

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I need to find out about bus / train times to get to Sintra on Saturday. Where can I find out about companies and timetable info?

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Can someone tell me where to get car audio products from? Also know of anywhere that will fit them?

started by: vince-756020 · last update: 1217582457 · posted: 1217525142

Which suppliers have lowered their prices?

started by: Filipe-756140 · last update: 1217238788 · posted: 1212107522

I have heard that a portuguese cannot drive an English registerd car on a portuguese licence. An English driving licence is not valid for a portuguese registered car except from a recognised hire company. Is this true? I am told the only way round this is to hold a international licence

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Is there anywhere I can find the Portuguese highway code in English?

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Is it true that you can pay certain utilities bills at ATM machines?

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Have you seen thoses little yellow go kart type vehicles around Lisbon? Has anyone been on one and would you recommend it as a good way to see the sites?

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(and no not the ones kids play with!) Will we all soon be driving round in these? Heard that they are planning to set up an network of charging stations for these cars across Portugal. Anyone know more?

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I've heard that a new law regarding licence suspension has been introduced. What does it mean for drivers? More details please.

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I am wondering of it pays up to convert a Leaded fuel car into Gas?

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With the truck strike will there be a shortage of fuel at the gas stations? driving is very important for my work and I better start storing diesel.

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Hello We are new to this 'forum' and were wondering if anyone knows of a company/agency that can help with the importation of a British car. Or anyone who has successfully managed to import their car and would know all the necessary steps to take. Thanks Rosden

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How much does it cost to park at the airport in Lisbon for a week and are there any alternatives close by?

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How much do they cost here? Lucy B

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I bought a second hand car and I need to have MOT - inspection.Where should I go for this purpose?

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I read that Carris is plannig to develop a car sharing system in Lisbon. Car rental by the hour. What would be the benefits of this?

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