English Radio in Lisbon

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Are there any English radio stations in Lisbon?


livrey1i-762228 1370598130

You can listen online to KISSFM which is based in the Algarve. Apparently it is the only radio station currently fully licensed to broadcast in English. http://www.kissfmalgarve.com/?q=N/-/70



MovingOn-760850 1370697534

That's interesting information. I normally carry a pen drive with music and hadn't thought about listening to radio. When in the Algarve Kiss is one of the stations I've enjoyed. They need to consider branching out to the Lisbon area!

Frisky 1370728064

There are a few online radio shows in English, but they're not actually broadcasting over the airwaves - only available through your computer.


tracie-903559 1371032276

you also have magic fm also based in the Algarve but available on internet www.magicfmalgarve.com  and another on line radio on a Sunday morning is http;//myradiostream.com/markthesparkshow  

ArmandoLeal 1371335346

From what I understand, it would be "easy" to buy an existing radio station as many have gone out of business these past few years. Frequencies are taken, but buying an existing frequency can be done easily for a price.  So one of the stations mentioned, such as KissFM could expand, if they thought it profitable. Wouldn't that be great ;)

lochleven 1374432808

I am looking to buy a radio set to recieve BBC world Service in the Algarve. Can anyone confirm or deny whether 60,2 FM  is valid  on a DAB radio? Thanks

britinlisboa 1374446902

Buy a Pure evoke flow off Ebay, they connext wirelessly through your internet connection. Every online station from anywhere in the World.

CT_Yanqui 1374530563

That's great britinlisboa, and from what I saw costs about €100?

britinlisboa 1374531073

That's what I paid including postage.

britinlisboa 1374531129

If you need a way to get UK tv too, please email me for the best way.

CT_Yanqui 1374622320

Nice! May do that.

tracie-903559 1392029438

A new on line radio station launched a few weeks ago based in central Portugal www.epixradio.com 

agnes devlin 1392071010

Do you know the frequency or it is Internet radio?

richelle_family 1392107679

I listen to KISS in my bathroom in Lisbon on a normal, old-fashioned radio (not via internet)...


Jo James-761382 1392156088

richelle_family - I also listen that way. Internet radio is OK, but I can't get it while driving and Kiss gets me through traffic.

LoneStar 1392246485

Can you give me the station so I can listen to Kiss in Lisbon?

DGD 1392301441

Hi - You can find information here: http://lisbon.angloinfo.com/af/19/news.html#6950

FM 95 is the location for Kiss Lisbon.


tracie-903559 1393842743

Epix Radio is internet based but can be listened to with any media device, www.epixradio.com based in central portugal !

Madge-762481 1393886049

Hi Tracie - I went to listen to Epix this evening after seeing your post, but found it offline until tomorrow. We will try again in the morning to catch the morning shows.

Sotonian 1393946295

I have a "stand alone"  Roberts revival stream  DAB internet radio that connects me to all the BBC radio stations via the internet.   I purchased this in the UK recently.



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