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A very specific question. Does anyone know why the Lisbon Opera House is not publishing a programme for 2014 on its web-site? I have tried to contact them but keep getting rather cagey replies with no actual information at all. Will they be staging operas this season? I would love to know - surely they know, so why are they not saying?


Lorraine Bregeras 1389650329

If you're speaking of Teatro Nacional de São Carlos, I see what you mean. I'd planned on calling them tomorrow, so I'll post with what they tell me.

shawmeare 1389650517

Great  - I'd appreciate hearing how you get on and, yes, I am referring to the Teatro Nacional de São Carlos.

Lorraine Bregeras 1389693437

Well, good news! They will be posting the new season of events beginning next Monday, I'm told. It seems budget constraints have kept them behind in both developing and arranging the season. 

It was also suggested that I sign up for the newsletter. Thankfully, I've been receiving it for a few months but I reminded him that for the "faithful" they could have announced that they hoped to present the new season in February so we would know to look for it then.

So, looking forward to what next week brings.

shawmeare 1389693857

Good news indeed, Lorraine. Thank you so much for keeping me posted.

Best wishes

Jo James-751169 1389720220

Thanks for this thread as I travel between Lisbon and the Algarve and enjoy the São Carlos very much especially when they have a performance I can attend. Will be checking up on their new season next week.


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