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How much are the tickets to see the Police in Lisbon and where is the concert held? Martha

started by: phoebe-756022 · last update: 1190285871 · posted: 1190198852

I am looking for tickets to a live gig or show in Lisbon as a birthday present for a friend. Where are the main venues in Lisbon?

started by: phoebe-756022 · last update: 1190113064 · posted: 1189790504

Are there any amateur dramatics clubs around Lisbon?

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After the success of its First Nine contests, Filmaka has launched its Tenth contest 'The Clinic'. Submissions are accepted till 30th September 2007. www.filmaka.com This month’s topic is "The Clinic" and all 1-3 minute films must be uploaded by midnight PST, 30th September, 2007. The annual grand prize is a feature film contract. Filmaka.com is a new online competition, judged by award winning filmmakers including Werner Herzog, Neil LaBute, Paul Schrader and Wim Wenders, and founded by leading independent producers and financiers. Filmmakers have a new chance to enter each month, and submissions are accepted in 10 different languages. Please visit www.filmaka.com to see past contest submissions, and for complete rules, terms and conditions. Membership is free for full time students: email collegeregistration@filmaka.com from your school issued email account for more information. gaurav

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Are there any good Irish pubs in Lisbon?

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Where can we see dolphins in the lisbon region? KandyM

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What's up on the Avante festival this year? charlie

started by: Pru-756019 · last update: 1188837954 · posted: 1188813100

I have some guests coming to stay at the weekend for a week. Are there any interesting events taking place in Lisbon that we could attend? Or could you suggest must-sees in the Lisbon area?

started by: phoebe-756022 · last update: 1188584682 · posted: 1188555029

I have decided to join a new club to try and meet new people. Any ideas?

started by: Aida-755734 · last update: 1188155498 · posted: 1188155389

Does anyone know of an existing network where I could meet British people in Lisbon?

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Is it easy to park near the Museum of the Sea, is there a carprark, if so how much does it cost?

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I am getting MacDonalds withdrawal where is there one in Lisbon?

started by: chrome-755815 · last update: 1184949563 · posted: 1184844079

Gots some mates coming over would like to take them to a club thats totally over the top, any reccommendations.

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Is there a online program of events and concerts, for the Oceans Festival.

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I have been meaning to create a blog of my time in Portugal, which is the most user friendly easiest, best one to do it with, that is free to use?

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I am looking for the book - Journey to Portugal by Jose Saramago any ideas where i can get it.

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Where is a good Jazz Club in Lisbon, please.

started by: cornflakes-755904 · last update: 1183395911 · posted: 1182962772

My husband and I would like to take our daughter and her husband to be to a Malaysian restaurant can anyone recommend one in the city please.

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Hello all, It is Steve from NATO again. The hawaiian Party was a success and though I did not book an Elvis I did find some very talented fire eaters. The new project I am working on is a Casino styled evening either in the theme of Las Vegas or James Bond, still working out the details. In the UK you can hire Roulett tables but does anyone know if you can do this sort of thing here? I know that we have 2 Big Casinos, and this might explain why I can not find anything in the area. Thanks! Steve

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I want to take my weekend visitors to a park in Lisbon, any reccomadations please. We will have a couple on 10 year olds a an 80 year old in the party.

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