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just came to the city and would like to learn some language. any advice-

started by: RLAaron · last update: 1373623102 · posted: 1373354038

We would like to know the situation re BBC TV etc on the Algarve? Something was going to happen in July? We do pay our licences in UK? Will this effect Sky TV also?

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The Lisbon Players are seeking proposals for their 2013/1014 season and are asking for assistance.  Any potential directors out there wanting to join in are welcome to do so. Click here to read Lisbon Players Seeking Proposals

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Does anyone know whether the 3 day passes for Optimus Live are transferable to someone else for one or two of the days? Thanks.

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Hi there! I've been meaning to watch a specific film for ages and wondered whether anyone could recommend a reliable internet site to download from or to watch a film from. Thanks! MR  

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I'm seeing a lot of publicity for this festival. Does anybody know where it's being held? I've only been here a few weeks and still get lost getting around.

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Our roving reporter Pat Westheimer has contributed a short review about the film festival that's definitely of interest. To read the review, please visit: Film Festival Review

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We're a bit confused about who to contract with for television. The usual Meo, Vodafone, Zon guys have been by but we're also wondering about satellite options. Any suggestions from those of you who have been through this, too?

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Where is a very good place for visitors to experience Fado while visiting? A nice dinner to accompany the evening would be perfect.

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I really like quiz nights - any coming up?

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just wondering if anyone knows of a reliable site with info - including dates etc - as to when there   is opera in Lisbon  and / or elsewhere in Portugal ??  I have tried googling  with limited info resulting  [ about past events  nothing i can see in terms of future calendar ].       

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Anyone going to this? I'm extremely curious, while here visiting, if I should go.  It sounds interesting! http://lisbon.angloinfo.com/whatson/event/7310/sundardk-and-riverlight-patrick-wolf

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I'm curious if anyone can tell me if films in Portugal are dubbed or are they in the original language with sub-titles?

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I see that there is a Christmas Circus listed here in the What's On section. I'm not keen on seeing a typical circus; can someone describe the circus to me. It might be fun to take our daughter while we're here.

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A request for your input from the MapleLeafCouple: Coronation Street Poll  

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Have just come back from a trip back home and realize how much I miss so many TV shows.  Is there any way to get a lot of the American shows here?

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Before leaving tomorrow, we're wondering if there's anything recommended to see tonight? Events, music, eating?

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Did anyone else go to the show!?  She was at her best!

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Does anyone know how much season tickets cost?

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I've a young nephew arriving with family and want to know if anyone has taken a kid to see this movie? My nephew is 11. Thanks.

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