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We'll be coming back over soon for a few weeks and we're curious about movies. Are movies in English or dubbed to Portuguese?

started by: HenryJoseph-761188 · last update: 1343430238 · posted: 1343084772

We've some friends coming with preteen aged kids and wondering if there might be suggestions for some entertainment. Lisbon and Cascais areas, but can travel a bit further if needed.

started by: Joanna Elliott · last update: 1342887074 · posted: 1342471030

Any good fairs or festivals coming up with local food items and artisan wares? Some friends coming in from another part of the country and want to know.

started by: DavidW-761920 · last update: 1340295969 · posted: 1340295969

Hi please see below notice from Lisbon Players: Dear Friends and Members of Lisbon Players, Sadly we have decided to cancel our performance today, THURSDAY, June 21st, due to the match between Portugal and the Czech Republic. Many of those who had reserved decided to cancel so we regretfully and temporarily cede to the demands of the greater god. But don't let this keep you from our great show. We still have some tickets for the last three performances - on FRIDAY and SATURDAY at 9pm and on SUNDAY at 6pm. www. lisbonplayers.com.pt or by telephone 213 961 946 (leave a message after letting it ring six times!)

started by: HarrysGirl · last update: 1339626272 · posted: 1339463183

Any big parties or plans for Santo Antonio this year? Remember that CP is planning another strike June 12 and 13!

started by: HarrysGirl · last update: 1339536171 · posted: 1339372087

Definitely planning on going to this concert! http://lisbon.angloinfo.com/information/whatsonevent.asp?event=6321

started by: DavidW-761920 · last update: 1339372606 · posted: 1339159717

For those that can handle it - this month Penzi's Friends at the Zoo are the reptiles! Click here to find them Penzi and Friends at the Zoo: the Reptiles

started by: Singher · last update: 1338722152 · posted: 1338592437

Looking forward to the event and visiting more of the lovely Silver Coast :) http://lisbon.angloinfo.com/information/whatsonevent.asp?event=5867

started by: HenryJoseph-761188 · last update: 1336686361 · posted: 1336642468

The Lisbon Players has just shared this request and I wanted to pass it along. Would you like to suggest a play to be performed at Estrela Hall? And are you willing to direct it? As we enter rehearsals for A Midsummer Night's Dream, the final production of our incredibly successful and varied 2011/2012 season, we are also thinking ahead. As an open company proposals are invited from directors for the 2012 -2013 season which runs from September 2012 to June 2013, whether or not they have worked with LP before or whether or not they are members. Although full-length plays are the first consideration, there is also a possibility of programming a festival of short plays. While plays that require performing rights are not excluded - in other words if the writer died less than 70 years ago - our budget constraints may mean that priority will have to be given to a certain number of plays that do not require rights. Send your proposal to Norman MacCallum, Production Manager at normanmaccallum@lisbonplayers@lisbonplayers.com.pt. The deadline for proposals is June 15th 2012. The Lisbon Players looks forward to hearing from you!

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We're interested in taking some friends to experience Fado but not the ultra serious sounds I'm used to hearing. Any suggestions?

started by: D&A · last update: 1335042954 · posted: 1332429084

Hi thereWe are looking at getting together with like minded people to celebrate St. George's Day, in Lisbon.If you would like to join us, please email us and we will add you to our list of interested people. The email address: 234@da-events.ptVenue is to be confirmed and will be announced shortly (depending on how many people show an interest). :-)So, it does not matter if you are English, or from the UK or Portuguese, or any other part of the world.. if you would like to celebrate St George's Day with us, just let us know ASAP. :-)Ania & Denesh

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Can someone tell me if Aurea's concerts are in English? I've only just now been offered a ticket. Can't see going if I won't understand the show.

started by: LimerickGirl · last update: 1333316615 · posted: 1333315911

Are there any theatre shows in English around Lisbon? I need a laugh badly and really like theatre.

started by: andrewmcallister-763575 · last update: 1332882964 · posted: 1332857231

Hello everyone..i am moving to portugal/lisbon this year..i am wondering if there are any live music venues where a musician playing Irish ,Scottish,world,popular music on guitar can get to play? I have a link...please comment on it, www.youtube.com/user/onemarino best wishes to you! Andrew

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I recently tuned in to trust global radio online but didn't catch from where they broadcast. Are they UK based?

started by: Singher · last update: 1331761537 · posted: 1331682055

A few weeks ago after deciding to browse the Bookshop on this site, I ordered http://www.amazon.co.uk/Portuguese-Modern-History-Barry-Hatton/dp/1904955770/ref=pd_sim_b_4 - The Portuguese - A Modern History.Very glad I did - excellent read and I recommend it to others.

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Does anyone know if I can still get tickets? If so, what's the best place to try? Thanks.

started by: agnes devlin · last update: 1328909825 · posted: 1328908823

Anyone know how I can get one of their dongles to listen in more than one room?

started by: agnes devlin · last update: 1327186982 · posted: 1327183039

Has anyone here gone to any of the casino shows? There are few upcoming events I might like to see but want to know if the atmosphere is good.

started by: HenryJoseph-761188 · last update: 1325714662 · posted: 1325541815

Anyone planning to see The Happy Prince opening on Jan 7th?

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