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I am trying to find a good place here in Portugal, preferably near Lisbon to spend New year's eve with some friends. What are the hot spots for this celebration?

started by: teadrinker-761358 · last update: 1322606038 · posted: 1322506956

Some good friends are coming for Christmas and really enjoy attending some sort of worship service - denomination not important. They enjoy the differences of styles and all of the ritual. Please, make some suggestions of where I should share Christmas with them in Lisbon.

started by: Jo James-761382 · last update: 1321903421 · posted: 1321817752

Anyone else attending, maybe get dinner afterwards?

started by: HarrysGirl · last update: 1320531112 · posted: 1320359728

Looking for a recommendation to take some friends kids to see while I'm babysitting.

started by: DKStag · last update: 1318520458 · posted: 1318346847

Hi - a few of us will be in Cascais this weekend for a bit of golf. We would also like to watch the RWC semi-finals on Saturday/Sunday morning. I have come across O'Neills and Beefeater in the main square - are these the best options? Any tips would be most welcome.We'll also, no doubt, head out for a few drinks in the evening(s) - all guidance for a good time would be very welcome. Thanks,Jez

started by: teadrinker-761358 · last update: 1318203153 · posted: 1317937200

Just want to say that I'd never been to a HRC before arriving in Lisbon. Saw that there will be a Halloween gig there. Anyone else going?

started by: Rick Shaw · last update: 1317293714 · posted: 1316124610

Can anyone tell me about the Sunday concerts at Gulbenkian?

started by: LoneStar · last update: 1314052953 · posted: 1314052953

Before our guests depart Lisbon, we've promised to take them for some good jazz or blues. Need some suggestions-we have transportation, so location is not a problem.

started by: LimerickGirl · last update: 1313968652 · posted: 1313709230

Has anyone seen it? Have only seen Jason Statham in his Transporter films and want to take a date to see it. Which of the theatres in Lisbon are best for films - less crowded...?

started by: GoToGirl-762545 · last update: 1311636421 · posted: 1310512176

It's my first year in Lisbon and I'm really curious to know some of the more "interesting" things to do - like any very abstract art museums or concerts?

started by: JaimeB · last update: 1311628460 · posted: 1278514206

I just updated my blog with views from Alentejo. In the older posts you can see some of my art.In July I have an exhibition in Páteo dos Solares, in Estremoz. Comments welcome.

started by: Pebbles-762299 · last update: 1310485784 · posted: 1309999123

The Medieval Festival in Obidos starts today, 7th July! This is a great event and lots of fun. It runs until 24th July. If you have kids they will love it.See you there!

started by: HarrysGirl · last update: 1308262875 · posted: 1307833699

Just a reminder that the Lisbon Players are putting on a production of Romeo and Juliet until the end of June. The version is a modern sort of setting with contemporary struggles. This is an excellent opportunity for a special evening out and top shelf entertainment. Not to be missed!

started by: DKStag · last update: 1307805498 · posted: 1307527288

Hello - I am bringing a few guys over to Cascais for a golfing weekend later this year (13-16 October). A number of us are very interested in watching the Rugby World Cup semi-finals that will be taking place that weekend. Could anyone kindly point us in the right direction for a bar that is likely to be showing these games in Cascais?I can be reached at jez@jezmoore.com.Many thanks in advance,Jez

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Has anyone gone to see it yet? I have been seeing all the build up about #4 and would like to know if it's as good as the previous 3 have been.

started by: Lorraine Bregeras · last update: 1303849314 · posted: 1303501215

We'll be in Lisbon during the month of May and would like to attend a play. Recommendations for a good evening?

started by: Rick Shaw · last update: 1303071233 · posted: 1302037056

Would anyone be able to recommend a good band for a wedding party to be held in Lisbon this summer? Any type of music will be considered.

started by: Rick Shaw · last update: 1302302967 · posted: 1302217735

Are these present within Lisbon? Although I don't sing, I like to go with friends.

started by: GoToGirl-762545 · last update: 1300655300 · posted: 1300395948

I'm a bit confused about whether I'll get more channels for my money by going with one of the cable companies here or going with a satellite? I'd greatly like to hear other's opinions for some help!

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I have just finished reading a few of the books listed in the Anglo bookshop, available through Amazon. The cookery book gave us some new dishes to enjoy and share with friends. Our second book was There is a Tide, and it's given us a fresh look at another region of this country and the lives of its people. Brilliant!I thoroughly recommend a browse through the Bookshop here.

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