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A bit cheeky I know, to be a tourist and then want to avoid other tourists. But, I'm visiting Lisbon next weekend for a girls weekend and we'd like to experience some good fado. I have already done a search on this forum for recommendations, but after digging a little deeper have found reviews for them saying these places (Severa, Clube de Fado) are super-touristy/expensive/mediocre. The only one that gets somewhat ok reviews is Senhor Vinho, but it also gets loads of complaints that it's very expensive and the food so-so. So we're thinking we'd go out to a good dinner, then hit a place for fado afterwards. Can anyone recommend an intimate place for fado vadio? Also, if you were in Lisbon for 72 hours (Friday through Monday), what do you think are must-sees? I'm especially interested in Portuguese culture today and the development of it (and I love food). Thank you very much for any input.

started by: agnes devlin · last update: 1296508310 · posted: 1295725388

Looking for some events, shows, etc. for kids, ages 7 to 10 if anyone has seen something for them.

started by: HarrysGirl · last update: 1296350085 · posted: 1296086166

Has anyone been to see the Lisbon Players? I see they're promoting a new production and was wondering about going.

started by: Lorraine Bregeras · last update: 1295818404 · posted: 1295652191

Is Carnival celebrated especially well in the Lisbon area? Is there a specific location for festivities?

started by: ArmandoLeal · last update: 1294442264 · posted: 1294006220

Intriguing, to say the least, and given the wife's fondness for it could very well bring a huge smile to her face. Can anyone tell me if the adults will gain as much satisfaction as the children might from a visit?

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Can I make a change to the days for the Silvercoast Coffee Mornings.They are no longer on a Monday Morning. They are now held every other Friday Morning. The next one is on Friday 5th November, then every other Friday. It starts at approx 10.30 to 11 am, and it is at the same Venue, which is Le Vicky's on Zona Industrial. Caldas da Rainha. We have Ladies from all Nationalities, and everyone is made very welcome.

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I was going through the What's On section here in Anglo and saw this performer's name - The Legendary Tigerman. Has anyone seen him perform?

started by: LuckyChap · last update: 1292874437 · posted: 1291842124

Haven't had time to go yet but wondering if anyone has seen it?

started by: ArmandoLeal · last update: 1292620015 · posted: 1291842684

I'm new to Lisbon and would like to find some places to go for Christmas music and carols. Where can I find these places in such a big city?

started by: T&G_Newbridge · last update: 1291679018 · posted: 1291592451

I just saw where A Christmas Carol will be performed at Aula Magna. Is there good parking close by or is it better for me to take the metro?

started by: Jo James-761382 · last update: 1291577523 · posted: 1291224872

An acquaintance has a son who has been studying a great deal of Portuguese and was asking me about finding movies originally in Portuguese or dubbed so that he can fine tune his learning. I've no idea where to look so can anyone here help out?

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Does anyone know of any Christmas fairs that are going to be on in or around Lisbon this weekend, or over the next few weeks. Thank you, Michelle

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Will there be any good concerts coming to Lisbon? I know there's a large pavillion for events and would like a fun concert.

started by: teadrinker-761358 · last update: 1290643265 · posted: 1290549378

A few friends are coming in from Spain and would really like to see some galleries or art exhibits in Lisbon. What are some really good places to take them? We're all in our late 30's and 40's and are agreeable to any form of art.

started by: DavidW-761920 · last update: 1290465906 · posted: 1290422204

Congratulations to Jonathan Weightman and the Lisbon Players for their production of the Importance of Being Earnest. I went to the opening night and was very impressed with the quality of the acting and the friendly atmosphere. Anyone who likes Oscar Wilde is in for a treat. Looking forward to their next show.

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I've seen a few notices for Halloween events around town but does anyone have a place they'd recommend? It's my passion to dress up for Halloween since I was a kid, so if it includes make up and costume, fabulous!

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Since we're in a new home, we're hopeful that holidays here have many events we can attend. Can someone tell me what's popular and special?

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Since we're new to this country and really enjoying our exploration of its culture, we're wanting to experience Fado and even some good Portuguese jazz. Where are some good places to go listen?

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There are some good musical events coming up and was wondering how many other members here try to go to such things? The Winter Festival Concert series interests me.

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I've just seen something in the What's On section of Anglo and want to know if anyone has been to this exhibition?

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