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My wife and I love going to the artesan fairs where handmade goods are sold. Since we're new to Lisbon this year can someone tell us when most of these fairs occur?

started by: Old_Soul · last update: 1284042334 · posted: 1283994208

Are most movies shown here in English? Do I need to ask if they are dubbed before going in and finding that I need to work hard through the movie translating for my own understanding?

started by: T&G_Newbridge · last update: 1283638843 · posted: 1283383479

Planning on taking in a movie this week and want to know if anyone has seen Salt? Will the movie be subtitled in Portuguese?

started by: Jo James-761382 · last update: 1283120627 · posted: 1282855455

Are there some good music events coming up soon in Lisbon?

started by: Georgia_Pecan · last update: 1280937992 · posted: 1279841797

Need help! Friends with children are coming to stay and I've no idea how to entertain the kiddies! Need suggestions for places to take them in Lisbon or things to do.

started by: wellmichelle · last update: 1280496072 · posted: 1280477714

Hi, I want to rent DVDs through an online video club, and I was just wondering if anyone can recommend one? Thank you Michelle

started by: millerchick · last update: 1279918542 · posted: 1276731559

Is there anywhere to play Bingo in Lisbon? English or Portuguese - I don't mind - I'm trying to practise my Portuguese numbers!

started by: T&G_Newbridge · last update: 1279548569 · posted: 1278716596

Which metro stop do we choose for the Hard Rock Cafe and also Colombo Shopping?

started by: pppillows · last update: 1276811715 · posted: 1276595237

Hi. I want to host something like an Ann Summers party for a friend's birthday. Is there anything like that here?

started by: benny&thejets · last update: 1276535860 · posted: 1249386929

Can anyone tell me if St Georges Castle in the Alfama district is open to the public and if it is worth going to visit.

started by: gettinmarriedinlisbon · last update: 1276280973 · posted: 1272286010

Hi there, I wondered if anyone could advise me on how to locate either a small choir, or a trio of singers who could perform in English, at a church wedding in Lisbon on 17th July 2010. The performance would start with a song to be performed as the bride enters the church, then leading/supporting the wedding guests on a couple of English hymns, and a final song on departure of the bride and groom Total perfromance would be about an hour from 4-5pm Any help would be appreciated..... Thanks!

started by: plichta · last update: 1276122724 · posted: 1268663005

Are there many festivals (apart from Optimus) in the summer?I'm not here when Optimus is on - and am gutted - but am hopeful there might be some other regular music festivals that I could make it to.Or anything nearby (Spain, or other parts of Portugal)?I'm mostly interested in rock and indie music.

started by: RZA · last update: 1275000825 · posted: 1274277341

Where can I catch some Brazilian music in Lisbon, preferably live?

started by: Caes_luvr · last update: 1274976204 · posted: 1272738640

The Lisbon Book Fair is taking place between the 29th of April and the 16th of May, at Parque Eduardo VII. Has anyone been and are there any books in English?

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I know Lisbon is awash with bars, but what are the best clubs?I've only been here a few weeks so am still scouting out the scene.I like proper clubbing music - house, trance, etc...

started by: plichta · last update: 1274295358 · posted: 1273197231

Does anyone know of any unusual activities coming up soon?I'm open to anything...fancy a bit of something different.I usually just do things that revolve around music.

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....September 12 Alantico Pavillion!I must say that although I love this band, almost 100Euros for a ticket is much higher that I'm used to paying elsewhere. Any other thoughts?

started by: Alan-760267 · last update: 1271889882 · posted: 1269641756

Was thinking of placing an order of British films. Haven't been to the cinema for a while...what recent good British films might people recommend?

started by: Caes_luvr · last update: 1270843703 · posted: 1270585244

My sister is here with her two kids, ages 8 and 11 and I'm wondering which movies are out that anyone would recommend seeing with kids. There are lots of choices, but what's everyone seen and really liked?

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A Portuguese friend was half trying to tell me about some sort of loyalty card for the castello lopes cinemas. does anyone know more? thanks!

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