started by: plichta · last update: 1269621766 · posted: 1268324008

It's my first spring in Lisbon and I'm wondering what I can do.Are there any good festivals coming up, or regular things I can get up to now being outdoors is getting a little more pleasant?

started by: wellmichelle · last update: 1269434959 · posted: 1269434959

I was wondering if anyone knows if there will be anything on in Lisbon to celebrate Holy Week or Easter, like processions, concerts, etc. Thanks, Michelle

started by: andyp65 · last update: 1268752917 · posted: 1268391920

Hi Was wondering whether anybody has been to the festival before, i have a 3 day pass for this year and am coming up daily from Caldas da Rainha, is it easy to get to/find and is there anything i should be aware of. Any info gratefully received.

started by: Love2sing-760845 · last update: 1268329751 · posted: 1265581581

Has any heard about a T D concert coming soon here in Lisbon?

started by: agnes devlin · last update: 1268050496 · posted: 1267981558

Since seeing all the reviews and promotions, I'd really like to go, but is it worth it? Has anyone a recommendation about it?

started by: wellmichelle · last update: 1267904498 · posted: 1267356547

Hi, could anyone suggest a good place to hear fado in Lisbon. My parents are coming to visit the week before Easter and so I'd like to take them somewhere where we can hear good Fado but that's not too expensive and also where the singing will take place early evening. Many thanks for your help Michelle

started by: Alan-760267 · last update: 1267734005 · posted: 1263244300

There used to be free jazz nights at the Belem cultural centre on Thursdays. Does anyone know if they're going to start happening again?

started by: Alan-760267 · last update: 1267175271 · posted: 1266965887

I'm looking to rent a karaoke booth, or bar, for a mate's stag do.The problem is I can't find one.Does anyone know where I might be able to do so in the Lisbon/Cascais area?

started by: Georgia_Pecan · last update: 1266238196 · posted: 1266178135

What's going on around Lisbon for Carnival? Have seen all sorts of people, all ages, dressed up this weekend as I was out.Does everyone really dress up?

started by: Georgia_Pecan · last update: 1266177921 · posted: 1265581878

I heard a broadcast of an English language radio show this weekend but don't remember how to find it again. Has anyone got information about how I can listen in again?

started by: HenryJoseph-761188 · last update: 1264199469 · posted: 1264102633

I'm meeting someone at this monastery and can not figure out how to get there! Is it near Belem? Can someone help?

started by: DonaGael · last update: 1263244695 · posted: 1263156457

Have held back but my co-workers have all gone to see this movie. Is it really as good as they say? Worth the price of the ticket and some pipocas?

started by: susie-755619 · last update: 1261765975 · posted: 1230194736

I have got some friends coming over after xmas and we want to have some fun on new years eve - does anyone have any tips about hwere to go? Dancing is the main criteria!

started by: sahs26 · last update: 1261041493 · posted: 1261004346

Are there any Carol Services this year?I've been to one before in Rato, but haven't heard anything about it this year.

started by: HenryJoseph-761188 · last update: 1260826578 · posted: 1260386414

New to Lisbon area and not sure of what I should do. What's a proper gift to take a host or hostess as I'm invited to some dinner parties? Most of these are work related (new location-same company).

started by: port-u-gayle · last update: 1260311856 · posted: 1259790144

Visited Obidos last year and really enjoyed the decorations at Christmas. Since I haven't had a chance to get there this year - I know it's in the region, but work has been crzy!Anyone know if the same sort of Christmas villages are planned - or up already- for this year?

started by: DonaGael · last update: 1260020897 · posted: 1259965670

I love to crochet but am having a very difficult time finding crochet yarn in the area. Been by a few Chinese stores but selection is terribly limited. Does anyone know where I might find yarn in Lisbon or surrounding areas?

started by: celtiberian · last update: 1259965927 · posted: 1259274165

Can anyone tell me if there are some holiday parties/get-togethers for the expat communities planned? Also, would someone share any good ideas about fun places to shop or celebrate between now and New Years?

started by: DaveB-760264 · last update: 1259701972 · posted: 1259063138

Is it true that Cinemateca is having a season of porno films?I think I heard someone mention it in a bar, but maybe my Portuguese isn't that great.

started by: jagra · last update: 1258984077 · posted: 1246288720

Does anyone know any gay bars and clubs in Lisbon? I really can't find any.

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