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I'm into jazz, but not swing or traditional jazz. I prefer jazz that has a modern edge, blends beats with jazz and to those in the know is called 'Nu Jazz'. Anyone know where I might find a place that plays this in Lisbon. Either a bar that just has it on, or some live performances?

started by: Luke-760266 · last update: 1257941498 · posted: 1255546347

Any good ones going on at the moment?

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With the apparent change in seasons approaching, I must ask if there is much to do around Lisbon during the "winter" months?

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Are there ever any English films on that aren't standard blockbuster releases?If so, where?

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Where's a good place in the area to go for a nice night out to enjoy Fado?

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HiI've been here a while now and lots of my friends have been here and left again.Basically, I'd like to meet some new people. Are there any groups or regular meetings for making new mates?Thanks

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If anyone is going to OutJazz today @ Jardim da Estrela today, I'll be wearing a large red hat and walking with a baby stroller. Come say hi!

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I've watched football online with live streaming before, and have heard you can do the same with BBC tv, but I don't know where to find it. Any help?

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Censorship at play or hype? I am confused by all the double talk in the news.

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Where can I see modern dance in Lisbon? My friend is a big fan and is coming over soon.

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Hi - my grand daughters (17 & 12 yrs old) are arriving in Lisbon for a visit with me soon. Where are some good places to show them in addition to the great zoo here?

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Does anyone know when Margaret Atwood's new book will be out and what it will be called?

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Hello My partner and I are getting married at the end of October in Cascais, we are looking for a Saxophonist to play for a few hours during the day and also we need to hire a sound system and lights for the evening. If anyone knows of anything please could you let me know. Many thanks.

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I'm looking for a Really Good sushi place in Lisbon, because all the ones I've found so far have been distinctly average. Any help?

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Are there any English plays put on in and around Lisbon?

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What special summer things are there to do in and around Lisbon?

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Hello, Does anyone have a wonderful Sangria recipe that I can make for a party on Saturday? All versions welcome! For about 15 people. Thank you!

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Friends coming over in two weeks time, can you let me know the nightlife hotspots in Lisbon please...age group 45, young things!

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Anyone know where i can find a clown for a party please?

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Did my ears deceive me or is Madonna coming to Lisbon sometime in the next few months?

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