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I’m planning to move in the Cascais/Ericeira/perhaps Lisbon area, and looking for schools for my 15 and 12 year old. They attended school in the Netherlands so far and they’re both fluent in English, so I would strongly prefer to give them a soft landing in a private, possibly English speaking, small school rather than a big jump into Portuguese, or the super renowned, big and ultra expensive international (British) schools in the area. I saw a post here where someone was mentioning a nice, small private school for their kids close to Ericeira. Does anyone have experience with that? Could you send links or school names to check out? Thank you all so much!

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Hello. Our family is thinking of moving to Ericeira from the Uk for a year or two and we are thinking of homeschooling our 5 and 3 year old for the time being. We have owned a house in Ericeira for a couple of years and now our kids are a good age to embrace all Portugal has to offer we feel its time to spend some time here. I am wondering if there any other English speaking families in the local area  that we can meet up with for play time. This would be wonderful!! I am also interested in finding a Portuguese and English speaking tutor to teach the homeschooling curriculum so if anyone has any advice to find a good tutor, I would be extremely grateful!! I am not a good teacher!!!! Thank you for looking at my post. Best Wishes, Andrea Penfold.   

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Can anyone who does Yoga let me know if it is safe for me to start yoga classes while I am pregnant?

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Have you already been on a boat trip in Lisbon with your family? Which companies do you recommend?I am planning on contacting the Leão Holandês to schedule a tourDo you have any feedback to give about this or other companies?

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Hello! My family and I are staying in Cascais for a month. It’s wonderful, but I haven’t found any places to take my toddlers so they can play with other kids. I’ve tried taking them to parks and so far we haven’t met anyone. Any suggestions on where to meet other families? Are there any mom/toddler groups around? Thanks!

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We are in Lisbon for the next month with our two daughters, 9 and 12. Our girls are already desperate to play with other kids! We would love to meet another family with kids who want to play...

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Hello, I am Portuguese and I have a nearly 4 years old daughter. We have recently return from overseas. My daughter speaks fluent english and she is attending a Portuguese school where unfortunatly there isn't any foreign children to play with. I was looking for any contacts of weekends english-speaking-children get togethers/playgroups in Sintra area. Any info is much appreciated. Thanks! Filipa Fernandes

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Hello everyone,My husband and I moved to Lisbon recently with our 8 month old baby boy. He's super cute and very friendly, and I would love for him to meet other babies his age. My Portuguese is not good enough yet, so I am looking for English, Italian, German or French speaking moms who would be interested in meeting up and letting the little ones play :)Looking forward :)

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Hi everyone! I am a portuguese mother of 3, currently living in Lisbon, looking for any native english speakers that would like to learn portuguese while hanging out with my family and helping the kids practice their english.We are not looking for a babysitter, just a friendly someone that the kids can interact with for a bit on a regular basis. Our family has lived in Hamburg and Dubai before having returned to Lisbon last year, so making friends from different countries, languages and backgrounds is part of how we like to enjoy life.My 5 year old is fluent in portuguese, english and german, my tiny twins juggle some portuguese words and I want them exposed to english asap :)Looking forward to hang out with new friends!

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Need a native English-speaking babysitter / nanny for my 3 y.o son for Nov.14 - 25.  Approx 3 hours on working days in Carcavelos area. We are very frequent to Lisbon, and would be happy to establish a long-term relation.  

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Hello, we are looking to move to Lisbon and like the look of campo de Ourique. I can't find any pre-schools there though.. Does anyone know any or would you recommend a different area for a 3yr old and 4 month old? Thanks very much, Tessa 

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Hi everyone - we will be moving to Lisbon in April and wondering about which daycare options might work best for us. Has onyone had very good experience with a specific place?

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Can someone tell me if an English version of what's required when you have a dog? I'm a little confused about required vaccinations, etc. Thanks.

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Having just found this great book about teaching children the game of Chess, I want to also pass it along here. The price is right for a small gift or future stocking stuffer.  Here's the link to purchase directly: http://www.davidficklingbooks.com/shop/ItemDetails.php?pubID=156

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Hello! My name is Sara from NYC and I recently moved to Lisbon with my husband and daughter who is 14 mos old. If anyone would like to set up a playdate with our kids, or meet for coffee, etc, please let me know. I noticed there arent too many places in Lisbon for kids to have open play dates and classes, and I would love to get y daughter around more kids her age. I look forward to hearing from you!  Sara

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My wife and I work full time and have decided that we would like to hire a competent nanny. We have 1 child, a 4 yr old with special needs. We're hopeful to find someone who will work on getting our child up to speed for kindergarten when the times comes including additional English and Portuguese language skills. The person should be especially kind and patient.20 hours per week and this is not a live in position. 

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Looking for ideas of things to do with some kids coming to visit soon. Ages 7-11. Thanks!

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Hello international families in Lisbon, my name is Stefana, I'm 30 years old and I am an artist from Germany. I just arrived a few days ago in beautiful Lisbon.I am looking for a babysitter job for children between the age of 2 and 12. Optional also language tutoring - I'm experienced with  this work.Also experienced with museum workshops with children in Germany. I just love setting a frame for children's creativity and supporting them to put it into action.I am fluent in German as well as English, other than that I speak Romanian, good French and basic Italian. If you're interested in some conducive, child loving company for your child, let me know! looking forward to hearing back from you!loveStef 

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im looking at relocating two children under 11 will they cope with a third langauge,they have fluent english,french is it best to put them in an international school or throw them into portuguese? anyhelp considered usefull thanks again

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I am looking for an English or French speaking Harp Teacher that could give lessons to my 8 year old daughter in the Cascais region.

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