English-Portuguese play dates!

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Hi everyone! I am a portuguese mother of 3, currently living in Lisbon, looking for any native english speakers that would like to learn portuguese while hanging out with my family and helping the kids practice their english.We are not looking for a babysitter, just a friendly someone that the kids can interact with for a bit on a regular basis. Our family has lived in Hamburg and Dubai before having returned to Lisbon last year, so making friends from different countries, languages and backgrounds is part of how we like to enjoy life.My 5 year old is fluent in portuguese, english and german, my tiny twins juggle some portuguese words and I want them exposed to english asap :)Looking forward to hang out with new friends!


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My Husband and I have just (last week) arrived in Lisbon with the hope to make a move here for the foreseeable future. We have a beautiful baby boy (9months) who misses the excitement from baby/mother groups in the UK, he is so friendly and always wants to make friends and learn from other kids.

I would like to learn Portuguese (I only know 'obrigado'

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"Obrigada" - I should have said, haha

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Hi there Stephanie!

First of all welcome to Lisbon! I hope you guys find it as great as we do :)

My youngest are twins, boy and girl, and will turn 2 this month. They are quite used to younger and older babies, so I think they would all be able to enjoy each other.

Please drop me a line on aanita@gmail.com, so we can set up a get together!

Obrigada e beijinhos! :D

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Hi! Welcome to Portugal! You can check out the international moms of cascais  facebook page. They have great actitivies and tips. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1588767414724913/?ref=ts&fref=ts

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Thank you Deborah, will surely check the group out! :)

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@Stephanie, sorry to bug you, just wanted to double check if you have sent me any message, I receive a some spam on that mailbox and might not have seen our email.

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