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Hello. Our family is thinking of moving to Ericeira from the Uk for a year or two and we are thinking of homeschooling our 5 and 3 year old for the time being. We have owned a house in Ericeira for a couple of years and now our kids are a good age to embrace all Portugal has to offer we feel its time to spend some time here. I am wondering if there any other English speaking families in the local area  that we can meet up with for play time. This would be wonderful!! I am also interested in finding a Portuguese and English speaking tutor to teach the homeschooling curriculum so if anyone has any advice to find a good tutor, I would be extremely grateful!! I am not a good teacher!!!! Thank you for looking at my post. Best Wishes, Andrea Penfold.   


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Dear Andrea,


We are a family of 4 with kids aged 4 and 11 and we are looking into homeschooling versus public schools.

After reading your post I was wondering if you had any luck getting either answers back and/ or knowing of any activities of homeschooled kids in Portugal. Have you actually moved already?

We have just arrived from California and were looking for any starter points.



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Hi Katrin,

We are just in the process of moving, and will be in Ericeira in a few weeks time.

We researched lots of educational options for our 2 kids and have settled on a homeschool education but with a teacher in a small private school on the outside of Ericeira.

There are a few private school around us that are really lovely and that give you the option on how integrated you wish to be with the portuguese schooling system.

Are you looking in the Ericeira area as well? Happy to chat to you about what I've learnt about schooling so far if you want.

Best Wishes


Katrin-10041502 1434233107

Thank you Andrea! It's nice to see your response back.

Yes, I would love to chat with you. Your version sounds actually like a really nice medium between home schooling yet a guidance of a teacher. I'm not to concerned about my daughter (4) yet but my son I would love see him be in a bit more of structured project based home school environment with contacts to other children. Especially since his sister is a good number of years younger he will need his peers.

Both of them should defintely learn portuguese as quick as they can (including us).We are pretty open about the location but have been looking At Ericeira as well as the Leiria. Personally I like cities. The closer I can get to Lisbon without sactificing ocean and nature for my husband, the kids and myself the better :-)

Let me know when and if you have some time to chat. We could also skype if this is an option for you.

Thank you again for getting back to us!

Katrin & Seth

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Thanks for your message!!

I'll definitely get in touch and Skype would be fine.

If it's ok with you and your not in a big rush for info then I'll catch up with you when we have moved At the end of the month. Everything is pretty hectic here at the moment!

The private school I found has only 15 or so children but of all ages so my son and daughter can both go to school together. I thought this was quite important whilst we don't speak Portuguese and I feel this particular school will be a fantastic stress free way of learning the language. 

chat to you both soon!!





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Andreapenfold - Would you kindly share the name of the school you mention? I am also moving to the Lisbon area with children.

Many thanks.

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Hi,  we are moving to Lisbon at the begining of October.  I already homeschool my kids - 10, 13 and 15.  its a great way to spend time with your kids.  Anyway if you would like to meet up for a playdate, my kids and I would be glad to meet some new friends.


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I know this is slightly unrelated, but I have just come to Ericeira too. I have been working in a surf house but now the season is ending my work is finishing. I hope to stay here until the end of Sept/October while I learn to speak Portuguese. Anyway, I am offering babysitting/general help services if anyone should require. I had a full CRB check with my previous job in London, working for an environment charity where I taught children about the great outdoors!


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Hey guys, 

I know this thread is 5 years old. Just wondering if anyone is still around Erieceira for meet ups in English (kids and adults)?

We are moving from London and I suspect that in a year's time my 6yo will forget all of her English. For now we are planning to move back to London in Sept 2021. I'm worried that in a PT school without much interaction in English she'll struggle to re-integreate in Lon..

Anyway, please say a quick hello if you are still around and available to share tips, meet up (safely..) etc :)

Many thanks.


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