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im looking at relocating two children under 11 will they cope with a third langauge,they have fluent english,french is it best to put them in an international school or throw them into portuguese? anyhelp considered usefull thanks again


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There will be lots of replies to this post, I'm certain.

My own 2 cents is this: Knowing another language is always more than beneficial - it's an advantage that can not be measured and learning young is the way to go!

As far as schools - I've read so many posts touting the benefits of both Portuguese schools and International schools. Kids adapt better than adults and to have the opportunity to make new friends in a new culture/home will not be 100% smooth, but in the end I think your kids will thank you for it. Later in life, they will look back and give you credit for giving them such a great life!

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thank you for your kind words


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Moved to Lisbon 3 years son having lived in Ireland. He went to a French school there for a year. We put him into a Portuguese school in Alvalade. He was fluent in Portuguese within 6 months of living here. My husband, who is Portuguese, always spoke Portuguese to him growing up, he never responded because he was surrounded by people who spoke English. As I work on a freelance basis and was away quite a lot, our son was totally emersed in the Portuguese culture, language etc when schooling in Lisbon. He has never looked back, thoroughly enjoying living in Lisbon. Languages are a great asset, with Portuguese your children will learn Spanish very easily.. it was definitely the right decison for us. Best of luck whatever you decide.

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Kids adapt quickly, and the younger the better.

Only older than 11 and I'd err on the side of caution, but i think 11 year olds will be fine going into a Portuguese school and will pick the language up pretty quickly.

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Hi.  My experience!  We lived in Lisbon for 6 years, now commute between Dublinn & Lisbon.  Our son was 5 years of age when we moved there.  He went to a private school in Alvalade.  He had no problem adapting & is now fluent at Portuguese.  Kids are very adaptable, they find it so easy to fit in in a new environment, and tend to love the outdoors too.  Best of luck with your new well worth it.

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