Looking for Children Playgroup in Sintra area

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Hello, I am Portuguese and I have a nearly 4 years old daughter. We have recently return from overseas. My daughter speaks fluent english and she is attending a Portuguese school where unfortunatly there isn't any foreign children to play with. I was looking for any contacts of weekends english-speaking-children get togethers/playgroups in Sintra area. Any info is much appreciated. Thanks! Filipa Fernandes


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Hi Filipa,

I don't know of any international playgroups in Sintra, but my friend mentioned one called the International Children's Play Corner in Cascais, which offered activities for the up to 6s. Try calling 912 145 018.

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Hello Filipa, I don't know Of any groups in Sintra, however I'm in the same situation I have a 4 years old that's just came to Portugal,we Will be living in Sintra, he's going to attent Carlucci inTernational school ,if you want let me know, maybe we can get them together to begin with.

please let me know.


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