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Hi everyone - we will be moving to Lisbon in April and wondering about which daycare options might work best for us. Has onyone had very good experience with a specific place?


Jake and Mary 1449844948

Do you have plans to move in a particular area? Lisbon has many good preschools and daycare, so it would be helpful to advise based on where you might live.

Nanny-Silke 1450382694

Did you ever consider taking a nanny? Because I am still looking for a nanny job and I have a lot of experience working with children.

I am Silke, I am 25 years old and I am from the Netherlands. I studied social pedagogical work where I learned a lot about childcare and child development. After my study I traveled all over the world and worked as an Au pair, nanny and in childcare centers in different places. I have worked with newborns, toddlers, twins, school children and special needs children. I worked for different English speaking families and speak English very well. I moved to Portugal in September this year and I would love to work in childcare again. I don't speak Portuguese yet, so I am offering English spoken nanny and babysit services.

Alamo-380211 1451133265

Hello and thank you for your offer, but we really want to immerse our children in the Portuguese language and culture. We've moved throughout  my husband's career and decided that we would make each move a very positive experience. We also want our children to reap long term benefits with language and lifestyle education abundant in each country we visit.

Best of luck Nanny!

Alamo-380211 1451873732

Thanks to everyone here who either posted or emailed. We've secured daycare in Cascais and looking forward to introducing our children to Portugal.

trdonaghy 1452603910

Hi Alamo,

Cascais is a lovely area for raising a family, and there are quite a few really good daycare options to choose from.  I´ve had my kids at a montessori there Montessori Stay and Play for a few years.  And the IWP has playgroups everyweek that are a great way to meet the mums in the area.

If you need any help finding a home in the area, I´m happy to help :)



Tessa-Marchington-864743 1473775064

Are there good schools also in campo de Ourique? We are moving over but wanted to be nearer the centre. Is Campo de Ourique a nice area to be with 2 small children?

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