Private Secondary/High schools in Ericeira/Cascais

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I’m planning to move in the Cascais/Ericeira/perhaps Lisbon area, and looking for schools for my 15 and 12 year old. They attended school in the Netherlands so far and they’re both fluent in English, so I would strongly prefer to give them a soft landing in a private, possibly English speaking, small school rather than a big jump into Portuguese, or the super renowned, big and ultra expensive international (British) schools in the area. I saw a post here where someone was mentioning a nice, small private school for their kids close to Ericeira. Does anyone have experience with that? Could you send links or school names to check out? Thank you all so much!


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Hi Stef, I can see your message is 3 years old, so I'm hoping you can share how you resolved your schooling issue in Lisbon. We're thinking of moving to Lisbon and are trying to decide what will be best for my 14 year old. We're leaning toward a school with an IB curriculum, and I'm looking for honest reviews. What school did you decide on and how did it work out?


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