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I would like to recommended a web site for parents. I think many of us worry about our parenting skills and its not always possible to find someone we trust to discuss things with. I felt this sight had some sound information on it. http://raisingchildren.net.au/

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I have a 4 yr. old who is just so stubborn. I am already losing my patience with her coz she just doesnt listen. I have already spanked her a lot though most people say spanking is totally wrong.But this is the only way I know to discipline her. I think if I just talk to her in a nice way, it still wouldnt help.

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I have a friend living in Alcochete looking for ballet lessons for her 4 y.o. child. Does anyone know of a good place in that area? siMpAtIcA

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I have just arrived in Portugal and would like to know what organizations/events are available for people to get to meet other English speaking people with children (mine is 5 yrs-girl). Also anything for moms to meet with other moms. Regards,Rosa_TZ

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I am so tired of people who smoke in public. Cafes here are so small that when there are people smoking, you'd really get to inhale all the smoke.Your hair and shirt smell like smoke the moment you come out from the cafe. Most of the time it is even so annoying to see Mothers or Fathers or the both of them smoking in front of their kids. I dont know when will these people understand that they are endangering the health of their kids. Most countries here in Europe already practiced banning smoking in public but it is taking long to be practiced here in Portugal. Do you also think it is better for Portugal to do the same as Uk, Ireland and France ?For me, I d be very very happy if one day, I wont see any smokers in cafes, malls and public places.

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Our parents who are in their late seventies and early eighties would like to pay us a month long visit. We wondered when would be the best time of year, not to hot not to cold, any suggestions?

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Halloween is near. I am thinking of doing cupcakes for my little girl and her friends. But I dont want to do just ordinary cupcakes here in Portugal. I want to do it the american way with good icing on top and some holloween decors to create eyes and lips. You think the Portuguese kids will like it too ?

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For people who are interrested in Filipino maids you may go to Corpo Santo Church in Lisbon every Sunday at 11 am- 12 am.You'd get to meet a lot of Filipino women working here in Portugal. Every now and then there are always Filipino women who are are looking for employers. Filipino maids are the most famous in the world because they can do almost all the things in the house including tutoring to the kids, grocery, going to the banks and etc.Plus of course, they speak English.

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I am going to have a baby girl and I am quite concerned about the name my baby girl is going to have. I heard that it has to be a Portuguese name for once the name is not found in the book, the workers in the conservatory is not going to allow it.Does anyone here know about this matter ?

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Our eldest child has this problem, what can we do to help them. Would welcome any advice and information please.

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Does anyone know anything about Halloween celebration rituals in Lisbon?

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I heard there is a Fair dedicated to families with small children in Belém. Anyone ever been there in previous years to tell me how it was?

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Hello ! I am a Filipina living here in Portugal. I have a daughter who just started school (just a public school)and I am quite worried that she may never be able to experience being in school plays because some people told me that school plays are not really practiced here in Portugal . I think it is true coz I didnt find any auditorium in the school.What do the kids have here in Portugal ? How do the English kids who are just in public schools live with it since Im sure English people like theater plays or any other school activities too ? siMpAtIcA

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We are having a really difficult time with a three month old who never seems to sleep. We have tried everything we can thing of but the poor mite seems to cry from 10 in the evening onwards. Any ideas and advice from other more experienced parents please

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has anyone seen a fennel drink for babies, it help stop gripe. I have used it in UK and wonder if I can get it here.

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My daughter just started kinder this year. It seems to be an ok school, but there aren't many extra-curricular activities planned. I guess in Portugal you have to put your kids in ATL clubs or academies if you want them to learn music, dance and so on. Are there any public schools offering those?

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Good news everyone - apparently Portugal has been rated one of the best places to live over Britain, Spain and Germany according to The Portugal News. Makes you glad you left it all behind...

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When does official school starts in Portugal? What dates? Elisabeth

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Hi, I would like to receive some info please on the criteria and documentation needed for marrying a Portuguese national in non -EU/EEA country. Kind regards Iman Kan

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Hi, can someone advise me on the approximate price of a home for an elderly in the Lisbon area. Also, how much would it cost to hire a live-in carer? Iman Kan

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