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Please can someone advise me on the procedure of enrolling my 12 year old to portuguese schooling? Sung

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Hello, looking to see if someone can give me some info on the schools in the lisbon are which focus on english language?Looking to relocate very soon and i have 2 small children 3 and 6.I would like some info on tuitons , and if there are any free schools around?Whats a good are to raise a family and affordable within reach of good jobs?where do u live and how is it?? THANKS ALOT:)

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I want to take my family out to eat,a group of all ages. However one member has expressed concern about food safety at this hot time of year. It seems when at home in Spain they never eat out at this time of year because of the high risk of food poisoning, Any thought's, ideas, suggestions on this please?

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We are just in the planning stages of moving to Lisbon. We have a young family and I would like to know what childcare facilities are like. Things like who oversees them and makes sure they are properly run. Can any mums and dads out there tell me?

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I am moving to Lisbon soon and looking for after school activities for childrenaged 4, do you have any suggestions? KandyM

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Is it a nice zoo, is it worth going to or will i feel sorry for the animals?

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Are there any international schools English style in Lisbon, it will be a bit daunting to throw my son into a Portuguese school, moving him straight from the UK.

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Would anyone recommend a good English speaking Chiropractor in Lisbon, for my son who practice sport. All help appreciated, thank you. Dany

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Can anyone tell me if Portugal have child benefit. I have 3 children 12,9 and 3 Thanks

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