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I know it's a bit early, but are there any Christmas services scheduled yearly?

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We have been living in Lisbon since September along with our 15yr old son. We know the area well as my husband is Portuguese  (i'm english). My 15yr old son could do with making a few friends though. I was wondering if there is anyone out there with teenagers or if anyone could point us in the right direction. We lived in France for 10yrs prior to moving to Portugal, so he can speak french/english and a little Portuguese.  He's a typical teenager into sports, music, etc.. would be lovely to hear from anyone

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Hello,   I'm Sarah from the UK, currently living in Ericeira and will be until end of October. In the meantime I am offering chilcare/babysitting services around this area and Mafra. I have a valid DBS (CRB) and first aid certificate and experince of working with children for a  environment and community charirty in London for three years. I can provide references if required. I like surf, reading and being with my friends. I'm a positive, energetic and enthusiastic person.    Alternativly if you just need an extra pair of hands or general help... I can do this too!   Thanks,   Sarah

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Hello Cascais/Lisbon expat community! Our family moved from US to Cascais on December 30, 2014. I am a nutrition/wellness coach (www.yourishment.com). My husband is a filmmaker (www.amoebafilms.tv). And, we have two daughters 11 and 14 who are attending Escola Secundaria da Cascais. Looking to connect with others in this area. Especially for the teen.  Beijinhos!

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My child is bilingual and I'd like him to socialiize with engliish speaking children. Can anyone tell me if there's such a group in Lisbon

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Hi, I'm looking for an english-speaker babysitter to take care of my two children once a week (or more) in Lisbon. Please email me if you are interested. Thank you. D

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we are putting together a plan for english language christian worship services along with bible studies and home groups in cooperation with an existing central lisbon church. if you are interested to come along and join us please contact chris or  tanya on 964080134.........we would love to hear your imput and needs.God bless

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Hi there We are moving back to Zurich / Switzerland and are looking for a fulltime live in housekeeper-nanny who is joining us.  Does anybody know somebody who might be interested? ..or other useful tipp? Thank you for your support... Catherine

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hi   i am looking for suggestions for my 11 year old daughter in the cascais/ editorial area, it's that funny age, any help appreciated Larry 

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We are considering a move from the US to the Lisbon area and have a child who will be 11yo at the time of move.  Specifically interested in feedback from families who have (or have had) kids at any of the following schools for middle school and/or above. CAISL (Carlucci American School) St. Julian's St. Dominic's Oeiras International School

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Hi there,   Myself and my family are planning a move over from England to Lisbon area, possisbly Cascais? Am basically after any advice on areas around lisbon to rent? We are renting our house in the uk for quite cheap so we would ideally like to rent for the same. We have looked into sintra and further north to help with the money but could do with some advice! We have two girls of 1 and 3 and a jack russel! am looking also for activites for the girls. We have playgroups and swimming etc here and would love to find the same. My partner and I met in Portugal and love the idea of raising our family there. Any advice will be much appreciated!!! Thanks

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In need of babysitter twice weekly for 3.5 hours to assist with children ages 7, 9 And 13. Evening hours involving feeding children their dinner, bath and bed. 

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Hi Everyone,  We are a young couple moving to Lisbon, also expecting a baby this upcoming January. I would grately appreciate any recommendations regading prenatal classes in Lisbon, as well as Mommy/Baby Groups that are open to foreigners and expats.  Thank you everyone in advance, 

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The Museu do Brinquedo (Toy Museum) in Sintra is to close at the end of August. Negotiations  with the Town Council (Câmara Municipal) have broken down without a solution being found, according to a source within the Foundation which owns the collection of over 60.000 toys. 7 employees will lose their jobs. Almost all the toys came from the personal collection of João Arbeus Moreira and have been on display in the former Sintra Fire Station for over 16 years. The premises were provided free of charge by the Sintra Council along with a subsidy of €5.000 per month. Recent changes in legislation regarding the financing of Foundations have meant that the Council cannot legally continue to subsidize the exhibition and alternate means of finance have not been found. It is possible that premises may be found in Lisbon to allow the toys to continue on display but this is not yet confirmed. 

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Hi,   I am a young English woman living in Lisbon who is expecting a baby in October. I would like to meet pregnant women or mothers in Lisbon to have a friendly chat with sometimes as I don't have any friends here going through the same thing. Send me a message if you are interested in being friends :)    Marie

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We're here with my 3, 15 and 17 yr old children and would like to arrange some Portuguese classes for them over the summer. Can anyone help with suggestions of places to enroll them?

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Hello, I've moved from London to Cascais in the end of May with two kids.  It seemed to be fine for kids to stay around the town during June, but in July, my 5 yr son got terribly bored. I sent him to summer school at St. Julian's for two weeks until last week, he enjoyed a lot. This morning, he didn't feel good and screamed it's too boring to stay with me and his little sis who's only one and a half year.  I have no idea what I should do for him. I searched other summer schools at international schools but all of them would finish their program by this Friday, asked ELC Cascais about tutorials but it also would close in August.  I think he needs a routine to go somewehere even if it is not a full time one. Anyone has info about camp, activities, clubs during summer holidays for 5 yr old boy? He cannot understand Portuguase, so it should be English speaking. Please help me to survive until September when his school starts!

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Hello, I currently live in Lisbon and I would be interested in babysitting job, I speak English, German, Slovak fluently as well as Spanish and basic Portuguese, still learning, I have worked as aupair 3 times abroad, I am also doing babysitting course, so if u need aupair or u know somebody who needs childcarer, then let me know Looking forward to your replies BARBORA

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My sister is coming to visit in a few weeks and likes to attend church. Is there somewhere close by Sete Rios area to attend English services?

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Looking for a good English speaking nursery school for friends arriving next month. Suggestions?  

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