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If anyone has a recommendation for someone who can help do some cleaning and tidying in our house and provide some occasional babysitting....I would be very grateful to receive them. A personal recommendation is better than anything else. We live in Quinta da Beloura, 15 mins from Cascais and 5/10 from Sintra  

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We are coming to Caiscais this weekend on a rekky to move there, are there any interesting activities on in the area for a 7 year old active boy on Saturday, football, rugby, tennis groups to get a feel for the area? Any advice would be much appreciated.

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On which day will most families be celebrating? My family always had a big do on the day, but I'm told by friends here that Christmas Eve is typically the main event and then the 25th is a continuation? What about Boxing Day?

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I'm new to the area and although I am married to a Portuguese husband, I'm from outside the EU. Does anyone know who to begin with to ask about becoming a foster parent here? Thanks in advance.

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Hi! We an Australian family with 2 kids (11 and 12) and are living in Lisbon until the end of this year. Although our kids attend school in Australia, we are homeschooling them here as we're not here long enough for them to school locally. Are there any other expats homeschooling their kids who would like to meet up during the week days at the park or to visit a museum etc? Cheers :)

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My wife and I will be visiting Lisbon next month and looking forward to sharing some history of the city with our children, ages 9 and 13. Aside from what we have read in Frommer's, where can you who live there suggest that we take our kids?

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My niece is coming for a visit and as she is homeschooled in the US, she will be bringing her materials with her. I'm hopeful that since she is not registered in a Portuguese school, we shouldn't encounter problems as I know homesholling is not an option here.

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Hello everyone, I live in the Cascais area, and am available as an after-school tutor and Chinese language teacher. I was wondering if it is common among expat families to have tutors for their children?...

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Hi everyone, I was born in Portugal but brought up in England, I am now married with a 4 yr old girl & a 7 yr old boy. I am looking at moving to Portugal in the future but it all seems so daunting! Are there any English speaking jobs around? I speak fluent Portuguese but my mother tongue is English, my husband speaks only English though and very teeny amount of Portuguese. Im not worried about the kids, but I am worried about us & jobs. I would love to hear from other people what their experiences were, finding a job in Portugal? Thanks  

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I recently met a really nice Portuguese man and have gone on to meet some of his family. Is it difficult for someone from outside the culture to fit in? 

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Hi  We have just been informed that the Picnic Chair of the Welcome to Summer Picnic for Americans in Portugal has re-scheduled the event to Friday. So just a couple of days delay as the weather is not great today. Here's the info about the event: http://lisbon.angloinfo.com/whatson/featured/25886/welcome-to-summer-picnic

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Wheer can I find general information about teens/kids with disabilities?

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Is there a good place to buy arts and craft supplies like paints and brushes for kids under 12 yrs of age?

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A key meeting of the International Social Security network starts today in Cascais. For more information have a look here on Lisbon Live:  International Social Security, Cascais Meeting 8 – 11th May

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We will be in need of one of these once settled. Can anyone suggest a specialist in this area?

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Unhappy, Unloved and Out of Control, by Chris Thomas MBACP of Talk2Me, Psychotherapy and Counselling. A very thoughtful article has been contributed to Lisbon Live by Chris Thomas MBACP, of Talk2Me, Psychotherapy and Counselling. Click here to view: Unhappy, Unloved and Out of Control  

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We're looking for some help regarding International schools in Lisbon for our 13 yr old. Can we find a list of schools somewhere? Additionally, our child is very interested in several sports including track. Would there be schools having this as an activity?... for anyone with a child in once of the schools, of course.

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Hi everybody, my husband and I just moved to Parede (yes, specifically Parede) with our 6-month-old baby and I work in downtown Lisbon. We would love to meet with other 'international' families and couples, whether for a coffee or walk by the beach!

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Hi everybody, I was wondering if any of you would be willing to sell some of your children's books that you do not use anymore? My baby needs English books. I find online shopping very inconvenient as the shipping & handling fees are SO high for delivery to Portugal. Please let me know. Thanks!

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My husband and I will be moving to Estoril in a few months due to his job. We're excited to be moving to Portugal but also nervous as we've just discovered we'll be having a baby in late September. Are there any mums who can tell me the best ob docs and hospitals for giving birth? I've thought about coming back to Vancouver to have our baby, but want to explore what others have to share first. I'm hopful and looking forward to any replies. 

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