started by: Lauryn-763208 · last update: 1365292534 · posted: 1364945975

A friend of ours wants to visit Fatima and we're not able to take them but want them to have an enjoyable time. I've seen trips offered but want to chose a good one, so I'm asking anyone here to make a suggestion, please.

started by: Joanna Elliott · last update: 1363711650 · posted: 1363711650

A very happy day to all the dads out there! Feliz Dia do Pai!

started by: larryriches · last update: 1362438311 · posted: 1362435183

Hi I am looking for a childrens entertainer for a 9th birthday party on the 6th April in Cascais, anyone have any contacts? Help appreciated - prefer english speaker if possible   Thanks everyone!

started by: Bertie-763325 · last update: 1362343394 · posted: 1361916472

Can someone suggest a good sports center for some recently arrived kids (not speaking Portuguese yet)? This can be  regula team sports or martial arts.  Thanks!

started by: agnes devlin · last update: 1359937360 · posted: 1359637279

is there anywhere for new mum support in Lisbon. Looking for information about feeding and special needs. Thanks.

started by: LucyInLisbon · last update: 1356301470 · posted: 1355963083

A friend from the States was just reminding me to ask if the zoo gives special pricing for seniors or the disabled. Also, does anyone know if a service dog, not a sight dog, can accompany their person to the zoo?

started by: Admin-755611 · last update: 1355696633 · posted: 1355659809

An informative article about Meerkats just published on Penzi's blog please click here: Penzi’s friends: Meerkat (Suricata suricatta)

started by: Mike Buckley · last update: 1352677777 · posted: 1352664546

A very respectful Verterans Day is wished for all American veterans on Monday, 12. Included in my thoughts would be my own dad, a WWII veteran who somehow survived the Normandy invasion.

started by: Barbara_Gorman · last update: 1350836731 · posted: 1350681612

We're bringing our kids with us for a quick 3 day visit next weekend and wondering where we might take them for some fun in Lisbon?  The kids are 9 and 13.  

started by: SeldonB · last update: 1350212951 · posted: 1343086033

My wife has asked me to post this on the forum. Are there any get togethers for mom and Toddlers in the central Lisbon area?The kids in question are 18 m and 3.5yr.

started by: DavidW-761920 · last update: 1346961282 · posted: 1346956719

Penzi's visitors have been back to see her and sent us some pictures. We have just published them on Penzi's Blog. Click here to see them: Penzi's Visitors

started by: Lorraine Bregeras · last update: 1345501246 · posted: 1345411230

Are some baby bottles better than others? What's the best bottle to use if planning to breast feed but want a back up, just in case.

started by: mciaks1 · last update: 1341594252 · posted: 1341594252

Teaching English and making it fun. Offering English tutoring for children aged 4-12. for more infomation please contact me by email

started by: boosh · last update: 1339502692 · posted: 1339502692

I'm 16 and desperately looking for some sort of part-time job now the holidays have started. I'm brilliant with kids and speak English and Portuguese fluently (English is my first language though). Will charge €6 an hour :) If interested please email me at mads.7@hotmail.co.uk or call 912620434. Thanks, Maddy

started by: S_Mayer · last update: 1338762136 · posted: 1335650353

We're moving over in late June and have kids who have been involved in riding school. Can anyone tell me if there are equestrian centers in the Cascais and Estoril areas where my kids can continue? We prefer a bilingual setting.

started by: obidos-762280 · last update: 1338553770 · posted: 1338499735

Tomorrow,1st June, is International Children's Day and I see that the Aquarium Vasco de Gama in Lisbon is offering free entrance for children up to 12 years old. This is definitely worth a visit!

started by: carl the pilot · last update: 1335303456 · posted: 1335303456

New in Lisbon and would like to visit the zoo since I'm reading some things about it. Are there plenty of places to sit throughout the zoo for someone who requires breaks?

started by: DavidW-761920 · last update: 1335220359 · posted: 1334933247

Penzi, the female pygmy hippopotamus adopted by AngloINFO users, has introduced her second child called Lana to the visiting piblic at Lisbon Zoo. To see the picture and announcement on Lisbon Live please Click here: Penzi presents Lana

started by: HarrysGirl · last update: 1334785390 · posted: 1334698429

A few friends who have kids, 2 pre-teen and a 16, will be arriving next month and I'm hoping to find a few activities that the kids can enjoy. Other than movies, can any one advise?

started by: SandDreamer · last update: 1333143594 · posted: 1332801434

Can someone tell me if Easter egg hunts are done here? I'm used to buying the colored plastic eggs that open for candy to be put in and then hidden. Haven't seen any - suggestions anyone?

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