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You may remember a few weeks ago reading about a competition to name a female Pygmy Hippopotamus AngloINFO Lisbon was invited to sponsor by the Lisbon Zoo. James Kinghan won the competition with his suggestion of the name Penzi and was given 2 tickets to visit her and the other animals at the zoo.James recently went to meet Penzi and we've received a picture of our winner at Penzi's enclosure that can be seen on our community news and information called “Lisbon Live”.

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Hi AngloINFO Lisbon members have been invited to sponsor an animal at Lisbon Zoo. We are looking to find a name for a female Pygmy Hippopotamus. She is about to be left without her child who is to be transferred shortly to another life in another zoo. Lisbon Zoo has offered two free tickets (valid till 30th April) for you or your children to visit her and the other animals at the Zoo for the person who suggests the name chosen by the Marketing Department of the Zoo.Have a look at the picture and in the Classifed Ad above this Forum and post your suggestion either by replying here or by email to lisbon@angloinfo.comGood Luck

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Can anyone give me a list of K-12 schools and associated fees if possible? Links to a few schools was be greatly appreciated.

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Hello, we have recently moved to cascais with our children, due to my husbands working at NATO. I have two children ages 10 and almost 7 and I am trying to find some swimming lessons for my seven year old nearby! Any info like addresses or phone numbers or website links would be much appreciated as I think it is important for my little man to learn to swim with having a pool and being so close to some beautiful beaches. Thank you very much in advance Linda

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Something extra fun to do with the kids just popped up during a quick search http://lisbon.angloinfo.com/information/wfdetail.asp?CCID=161Definitely going.

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While out today, it seemed like there were more children that we could remember dressed up for the holiday. Good to see it, especially seeing the kids along with their parents and families seeming to be quite happy.

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We have recently moved to Vila Noguera de Azeitao (South of Lisbon). We have a 3 years old daughter, who is desperate to make new friends. We would like to organise a play group, either meeting at our house or someone else's, or alternate. My wife did this in England and it was really nice, the mothers and children became best of friends.I am English and my wife is Polish but she is a fluent English speaker, and also speaks Portuguese. If you want to meet up, please give us a call.Arletta my wifes mobile is: 915419455.Robert, Arletta and Isabella

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My daughter is looking for a english family during summer holidays from 15th June until 15th Agust. Can be for one month or more. She speak portuguese, english and spanish and have a lot of practise with childrens as baby sitter. She's 17 and study at Lycee français in Lisbon. References, photos and interview on request. Organized and helpful, no smoker, she love to swim, hike, visit new places and learn new things.We can meet in Cascais or Lisbon.

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Hi. I am moving temporarily to Cascais in early february. I hoping to place my 1.5 year old daughter in day care for a couple of days a week. W'e'l be living about 1km from the Cascais train station. Does anyone know of a creche/day care around that area? We will only need it for 4 weeks. I hope someone can help!ThanksPris

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Hi, am from Swaziland, planning to visit Lisbon with my 2 kids on 20 January, any children's events that we can attend for them to enjoy? They are 7 years and 5 years.

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Posting this here in the forum because it looks so special. I've not been to Batalha but will arrange to go next weekend for this! Christmas in the Monastery.

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We are looking at moving to Lisbon in the summer of 2012. We will have a 9 year old, 6, year old and 3 year old. Our preference is national school. What would you recommend:public or private?can you suggest some good schools to look at?Some areas of town to live in?Thanks,Mike

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A few friends from South Africa are coming to stay until Christmas and I'm wondering if there is a community for them to socialize? There's so many nationalities here but I don't know how to connect with them.

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Friends are relocating here with 3 kids who will need day care. Their ages are 6 months, 2.5 yrs and 4.5 yrs. Looking for a place that's bilingual with English and Portuguese being spoken as well as any other languages and a structured schedule. Dad works from home so important that the kids are tucked away safely in a school environment. Thanks in advance for any help.

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I've some friends moving here who will be looking for day care type schools for their toddler and 4 year old. Does anyone have a school I can recommend?

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Is Halloween celebrated here? This is my first year living here and I love Halloween parties. Will there be any here or should I plan my own?

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We're thinking about moving to Oeiras but are concerned about finding a school there for a child who is 14 and will be totally new to the Portuguese school system. Are there any international schools there or in the area? Does anyone have any experiences with the local schools in that area?

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Can you buy good kid's shoes, particularly Clarks shoes, anywhere in Lisbon? We've been in Lisbon 2 months and are trying to buy shoes for the first time. The range seems limited and surprisingly expensive so far. I've ordered a Startrite shoe gauge so we can buy shoes in UK but I'd prefer to get a local fitting. Any advice or recommendations? Anyone know where to buy Clarks or is this not an option?

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We're desperate to find a babysitting service in Lisbon. Does one exist?

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Does anyone know where I can find a good children's entertainer for a child's 9th birthday?

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