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For anyone who's interested (here's the link) there's going to be an American Independence Day celebration with BBQ after the church services. What's On Lisbon

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Is there an overall consensus regarding schools for children ages 6-14 as to them fitting in well? Would they benefit from attending Portuguese public schools versus a private, English based educational environment? What about the language? Are they offered tutoring in the public school scheme for their ability to learn the local language?Many thanks.

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We are looking to move to Lisbon this summer from Barcelona and I am trying to find recommendations on good places to live and also schools for my 3,5 year old daughter. Preferably we would like something fairly central as my partner will be working in central Lisbon and so doesn't want to travel too much each day. I am happy to travel a little from the centre for the right school, however. Can anyone recommend somewhere with a slightly more holistic, nurturing attitude to education as opposed to strict academic focus? Finally, are there any new mother's groups going on? I attend a couple here and they have been invaluable for meeting people in similar situations. Thank you all in advance for your help. Charlie

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We recently visited Buddha Eden in Bombarral, near to Caldas da Rainha which friends had recommended and it was well worth a visit. It is very beautiful and peaceful.If you have children they will love the the train ride and the terracotta soldiers. The entire experience is well worth the effort. There is also a cafeteria.and wine shop.http://buddhaeden.com

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I see that the Obidos Medieval Fair is on in July, I have heard from friends that this is worth visiting. Does anyone know if you can rent costumes - someone told me that this is possible, which would be great fun, especially for the children.

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Dear Parents, I am willing to take care of children from age group 3-5 years. My timings 2 pm to 6 pm, Monday to Friday. And I am staying in Lisbon, Portugal.I am a Mother too and would like to give my time to other Parents who need help. I speak English. Please contact me for further details at mothershelp35@yahoo.comThank you!

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Can I buy Medela brand nipples for baby bottles here in Lisbon?

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We're looking for a playgroup for our 10 month old and I would also enjoy some mom time with others. Anytime of the morning or afternoon would be suitable and as I drive, any location would be ok.

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Hello !We have a 4 1/2 years old daughter and we are going to move to lisbon from next november. I'm looking for a primary school for her but it's difficult via internet only! All advices are welcome, i will greatly appreciate if you could share your own experiences or suggest some names ! Right now she is fluent in french & english ( also dutch as she is born and live in holland) and we are looking for a good portuguese school, public or private. No "international schools" for us, as we are not real "expats" ;-) Many thanks in advance, MArie.

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Our first Easter in Lisbon brings us to the point of asking about kids events at Easter.

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We're needing information about a Doula soon who leans more towards the natural birth options. Any new moms or soon to be moms out there who might help with some names of someone in this area?

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I have a job opportunity in Lisbon and want to find out about pre nursery provision before I commit myself to a decision.Are there recommendations for creche/ playgroup/ pre nurseries? How much do they cost each month?

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Hi All! One year later, I would like to report that we have very successfully started and are up and running two International Playgroups here in Lisbon, Portugal. The group is located on facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=313257535867 Join us here to get the invites to the weekly events and other baby and toddler centered information. We have two groups, Babies 0-14 months and Toddlers 14-30 months. all the best! x

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The kids want to plan a party for Valentine's Day but is it celebrated much here?

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Having some long term guests with kids staying in a few weeks. Will there be any place special I can suggest they take their kids for outings, holiday events and that sort of thing?

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Hello! I'm an English teacher who's recently moved to Cascais to work in a language school. As my hours vary through the week, I find myself with a few mornings and evenings free. If you need babysitting or tutoring, I have experience in both, from babies to teenagers, from Africa to Asia to Europe. I can cook, teach, read bedtime stories, swim and play games as you enjoy your evenings or weekends off!You can get in touch with me on nyenyedzi@gmail.comThanks!

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Where can I find correct information regarding when kidsa are old enough to be rid of the car seat and also when they are allowed to ride in the front passenger seat?

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Sorry to ask, but my sister's kids have made me think about this. I see kids leaving school daily and trudging home for what appears to be a long lunch break. Is there an option for them to eat at shcool?

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16 year old nephew from another country here and can not get him interested in anything! Any ideas for things he can do around Lisbon?

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Hi!!...I´m looking for a job in any area. I´m 26 years old, speak English and Spanish as well. I have a Degree in Business Administration and experience in hotel industry and as an assistence of senior management!... But I´m willing to work in other areas like babysitter .. Actually i´m needing a job inmediatly!... Hope you can help me!!...I´m leaving in the area of: Mem Martins close to Sintra, cascais and Lisbon as well. My Celphone number: 916844938 email: beba_cb@hotmail.com. better if you reply me to my email or celphone if you have any offer!... Thanks :)... Beatriz Canencia.

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