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The end of the school year is almost here. Are there some summer day camps I can send the kids?

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Hello! I just wanted to post this in case anyone needs an english speaking nanny (live-out), here in Lisboa. I have 10 years of hands on experience with children from 6 months- 9 years. I am just now recently available for work. My last family that I was with (American) was only here for the Benfica basketball season of 2009-2010, now that that is nearly over, they are moving back to America. So I am open. I have of course, references available upon request. If your interested and looking for a part time nanny, with a flexible schedule or, if you just need someone on some weekends or week days so that you can get out of the house, don't hesitate to email me here kayeloh_22007@hotmail.com

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Can anyone tell me how and where this takes place? Many years ago it was possible to sit GCSEs and A levels at The British Council but I don't know if this is still the case. Perhaps external students can take them at international schools? I can contact them directly but thought I'd ask here first.. Thanks

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Is there someplace that does children's parties nearby? Looking for space for approximately 20 children ages 9-11 for a birthday party in early July. Hopeful they'll supply some activities and a place for cake, etc.

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Hi.I'm planning to get married in Lisbon later in the year and need a wedding planner, preferably one who speaks some English.Does anyone know or have experience of any?

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We are an Italian family with a 6 year old child who is attending an English primary school in Milan. We will be in Lisbon for the months of July and August and would love to find an English speaking baby sitter for him for 2/3 afternoons a week. We are also interested in someone who can baby-sit occasionally in the evening. We live between Rato and Principe Real. Thank you. Alessandra.

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..with free babysitting included?! I'm just putting out the feelers here. I'm a qualified aromatherapist and I would really like to get back into my field which I've not done since moving to Portugal. I would like to do aromatherapy massages from home (female only, as I'm female, for obvious reasons, it's preferable for me to not have strange men coming to the house! Sorry no offence!). I'd have to get the babysitter round whilst I'm doing this as I have children. So I was thinking if I offered this service to mums (who have a lot of stress/back pain etc) they could bring their children who would be minded by my lovely babysitter but also get the chance to play with other children ie. mine! I'm thinking of 25 euros half hour and 45 full hour, which is much cheaper than salons. I try to go for a massage myself every now and then but then you've always got to pay a babysitter and the massages usually cost 60 euros an hour which isn't cheap! I'd just like to see if anyone would be interested before going ahead with buying the bed etc. Opinions welcome thanks!

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are all the schools 100% portuguese or is it possible to find one that is english or french and that teaches portuguese too? difficult age to move and kids are fluent french and english at present but not portuguese yet so this is why im asking

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Hello, I am looking for antenatal classes held in Lisbon that are in English if possible. My baby is due in June and it is my first and would like to attend antenatal classes. Any suggestions? Thank you :-)

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Good afternoon!My name is Leona and I'm a 25-year-old student from the United States who is currently living here in Lisbon for the next few months. I attend a Portuguese for Foreigners course Monday-Friday during morning hours, but I usually have plenty of time in the afternoon, evening, and night. I have decided that I would like to offer up my services as a babysitter in order to earn a little extra pocket money, as well as to feel more involved in community life here. I have weekend availability, too. I have experience caring for/entertaining individual children and groups of kids, most of them older than four years of age. My four nephews and one niece, all of whom I have minded on a regular basis, have an age range of two to 11 years. Although it has been some years since I have changed a diaper, I'm willing to be retrained in the task. In addition, for the past two years I have worked at a museum in the United States, where I am often in charge of designing educational activities for and interacting with groups of young schoolchildren.If you think that I might be a good fit for you and your family, please contact me at leona.dalphond@gmail.com and we can go from there! Alternatively, if you know another family who is need of a babysitter, please do share my information with them. If there is a more appropriate forum where I should post this, I would appreciate the advice. Thank you,Leona

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Our daughter has been involved with this for a number of years. Once we move to Lisbon, can anyone tell me if the know if this sort of activity exists there?

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We'll be moving to Lisbon in a few months once the school term here is finished. Our daughter is 10 yrs old and attends special education classes where we currently live due to Epilepsy. I have 3 questions:1. What kinds of special education are available for children in Portugal?2. Assuming local schools would be acceptable for her to attend, what information will be valid once we arrive in Lisbon so that she may be enrolled without much difficulty school. 3. If local schools don't work out well, are there some good international schools around or perhaps private where she can receive a good education?

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Surely there must be more mums out there that would like do yoga twice a week in a baby friendly environment? If we find four people (or more would be fantastic) we can get a private class with a babysitter... anyone interested? I will organise it all, just need your commitment.

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I want to organise a free playgroup and mummy support group based in Lisbon, meeting once a week. English speaking but any nationality is welcome of course. From 3 months. Come for cookies and tea and playing! -Anyone interested to do this?

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My kids volunteered at homeless and working poor facilities when we lived in the USA. Are there any of these here where a 15 and 17 yr old could help out?

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Hi.I'm looking for an English baby-sitting service. Doesn't need to be an English person, just someone who can speak English.Any help?

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Hi,I just moved to Parede, Cascais, and I'm looking for baby swimming lessons (preferably in English) for my 2 year old son and my 6 months old daughter. I'm also interested in other activities in English for my son, like music lessons or sports. Would you have any suggestions?Cheers,Laura

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Now that I live in the land I have always dreamed about, I find that the distance and time difference really bothers me when trying to stay in touch with family and old friends. How do people handle this who have been here a while? Daily or weekly phone calls used to fix this when I lived in the US but now I can't afford to call everyone!

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I need to find a good therapist to help me to overcome a fear of dentists. I used a hypnotherapist years ago in UK for a phobia problem so would like to find one here.

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how does health care work for visitors is it covered by the uk with E111 how do get cover as a resident do you have to pay in for so long or does everyone hve private insurance any info will help as considering moving from france totally to lisbon areas

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