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My little boy has decided that he wants to bring 8 of his 'best friends' to the cinema and back to our house for his party this year. Anyone any ideas on party games for kids - party is this weekend!!!

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Can someone tell me what the guidelines are for service dogs in schoolsor possibly where to look for information? We're unable to get answers.

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Do we get Talc ( talcum powder ) for adults here like we get johnson and johnson for babies ? Yardely or something ?

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Midwife, Newborn Specialist, Breastfeeding Consultant.Hello! My name is Eilis. I am a British trained Midwife and have worked closely with new parents and babies since 1998 as a Midwife and as a Maternity Nurse/ Newborn Specialist. I enjoy working along side parents supporting and helping to ensure a smooth transition to caring for their new baby. I have worked with many families and babies, who each have individual needs and expectations. I always support parent's wishes, while making practical suggestions. I truly enjoy working with families during this amazingly special, but often difficult time. I am flexible, fun and easy to get along with and always willing to lend a hand where it is needed. I also understand the importance of discretion and a family's need for their privacy. My clients often mention how comfortable they feel to have me in their home. I can attend to all your baby's needs completely, while you rest. I can set up a routine that you and your baby will enjoy. I will always support your wishes and give you the support you need, to feel more confident with the care of your baby . I can make suggestions tailored to you and your family's needs, which can make everything flow more easily, for all of you, as you all adjust to one another. The feeding, sleeping and play time patterns I suggest for the baby will help the baby sleep better through the night, often waking only once for a feed by a few weeks old.My duties include all aspects of caring for the baby from breastfeeding support,or formula feeding, finding the root of feeding problems like tongue tie, poor positioning at the breast, mastitis, low milk supply, or reflux sometimes mistaken for colic. I can also help with laundry, cooking or ironing. I am available to do live in work available 24 hours.I am happy to travel near and far as necessary. Available for night shifts, or day shifts. I am currently available. Long term contracts welcome, but I can also come in for a few days to allow you to rest and can suggest some changes that should help you and your baby SLEEP remarkably better through the night.I can carry out full postnatal checks at home. I can also come to your house to do a breastfeeding consultation if you are having problems, or even just to reassure a first time mother that her technique is correct. Please email me for more information. eilisgovan@gmail.com Qualifications: Registered Midwife in Portugal Lactation Educator Adult and Neonatal CPR updated Have all necessary documentation available upon request Excellent references available upon request My Midwife training encompasses all care of the mother and child in the postpartum period.

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Does anyone know if there is an English speaking Samaritans type service in the area please?

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Hi. We are moving to Portugal shortly (my wife has gone ahead whilst I try and sell the house). Although I am quite excited I am worried about our nine year old daughter. We are moving to the small village (population approx. 300) in Beira Alta from which my wife originates and our daughter will go to the local school which has 15 pupils across all years. This will be quite different to the schools she attended in Chiswick and a Lancashire market town. Have any of you any experience of moving your child into a local Portuguese school? How did the find the transition? I have seen children with hardly any English start school in England and thrive so that gives me hope. Keeping our flat in Chiswick just in case it doesn't work out! Thanks, Frank

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Hi, I moved here with my family 3 weeks ago from Canada. My husband is working at one of the Universities in Lisbon until December. Our daughter is 5 and we are looking for a family with a child/children close to her age. It would be nice to find someone to have a playdate with. We have a metro/carris pass and are flexible in where we meet. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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I seem to recall you should not take babies in the pool who have not had all their jabs is this correct does anyone know.

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I feel like my kids are getting to the age now where I need to make them aware of the risks of taking drugs- they are getting to the age where they are going out into town by themselves and while I trust their friends you never know who they'll come in to contact with. Can anyone direct me to useful information that I can use to help make my point, or give me any tips in how to approach the subject.

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any style but would like it to fold away when not in use

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Which are the best shows on TV to try and keep the kids speaking Portugese while they are not in school?

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driving me crazy got some mossie bites and after almost a week they are still itching like mad.I have tried everyting and still it continues so if you know of a cure please post ASAP

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Got young relatives coming over on holiday- can anyone recommend some kid friendly galleries and exhibitions I can take them too?

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Any one ? It is so difficult to choose gifts for men. Especailly when they are not gadget freak. What did you gift you man last time ? ( and yes please don't say a child ...lol) 

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I am presently living in Lisbon. Moved here with my family three years ago. My husband, who is Portuguese, has now got a fulltime job in Dublin while my son and I are still living in Lisbon. Personally I think the lifestyle here is fantastic for a child. We have talked to our son and he much prefers the lifestyle (outdoors) in Lisbon to living in Dublin. I just don't know what to do, we can't live apart as a family, it is not healthy but my son and I are so much happier living here. What would you do in the same situation?

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I'd like to take some young relatives who are visiting to the theatre- can anyone recommend a theatre which caters for a younger audience.

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I read a curious post today on LisbonPsy blog (www.lisboncpc.blogspot. com) mentioning that people living abroad or having done so in the past were more creative.Isn't that interesting? The study seems to be very serious and involved America and France.

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I went into my little boys school last week, hung around to watch him playing to see how he was getting on. A few minutes later a boy walked up to my son and held him by the throat against the wall. I watched to see what my son would do, I've talked to him about bullying and ways of dealing with it. He stood there, a horrified look on his face, and did absolutely nothing. I asked him when we got home why he didn't try and stop him, block him holding his throat etc...he said, mum, I don't know why he did that to me, I don't even know his name! How do we help our children deal with bullies, should schools be doing more, any ideas...Ivehadenough!

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Can anyone recommend a good shop to buy children's shoes in, where you can get their feet measured as well.

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Public or private schools in Lisbon - which would you opt for? Pros and cons please, don't know which road to take with my 8 year old.

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