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Hey all,just moved to beautiful Lisbon for studies in August.Before I came here I rented a room in a flat that I couldn't visit before arriving.As it turns out, there a two major construction sites right next to the flat that the landlord actively didn't tell me about.Both constructions sites have jackhammering all day and are expected to be ongoing for the next two years. This is starts to really mess with my overall health and the studies. I have two questions that I didn't find any info online about:a) Am eligible to get a reduction in monthly rent?b) Could I get out of the lease effective immediately?Thanks in Advance! Leo

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do you know any banks that do cash in advance  through a credit card here  in Portugal?

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Good morning. I am trying to find out the official regulations relating to whether it is illegal to overtake another vehicle in the area between a sign advising of the approach to a pedestrian crossing and the crossing itself, i.e., within the zone itself. Thank you for any assistance.

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Sold holiday home in Portugal and needed to declare capital gain. Got form done online by Portuguese accountant and they came back with a ridiculously small amount due as they have us down as resident in Portugal (at the address we have sold). Tried to change address to our one in Scotland but the accountant couldn't do it online. Does anyone have experience of this and what do we do ?

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Please see this news from our advertising partners Premier FX. While the Lisbon Live platform is undergoing an upgrade we are  delighted to publish the news here.https://www.angloinfo.com/algarve/discussions/topic/2992911

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Hello,I'm a Brit living in the South of France, hoping there are some Portuguese speakers here who may be up for a bit of digging in birth records for me, (or could get a little bit of information to help me along.)My grandfather was born in Oporto in 1912, and I am trying to find his Portuguese birth registration.I know he became a British citizen in the 1940s and moved to Britain, and unfortunately that is all the official documentation we have for him - we have nothing from 1912 to 1943.You can probably guess my interest in my grandfather's birth is due to Brexit! He is my paternal grandfather, and according to the local Portuguese consulate  I can become a Portuguese citizen through him!Please leave a message below if you think you can help, or are able to provide any information as to where I should do my research.many thanks,Christine

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Hi,One of my new neighbors, a travel agency, has set up new and extremely bright lights that shine throughout the night. Unfortunately, they shine directly into my window and I am having difficulty sleeping at night.Are there any city ordinances that regulate bright lights? For example, I have noticed that the pharmacies turn off their lights at night. I have already spoken with the owner of the travel agency who refuses to switch them off at night. I am hoping that quoting a law may change his mind.Thanks in advance!!-Brad

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I'm interested in voting in the upcoming American elections while living here in Portugal. Has anyone here done so in the past? How do I get started so I don't miss out - I want my vote to count.

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By: Lisbon Live Team - from an article published in the Jornal de NegóciosAccording to an article published today, 3rd August, in the Jornal de Negócios, owners of apartments for rent to tourists - Alojamento Local - will have to make available a part of their property for longer term, residential rent. It will function as a kind of quota which will require owners of more than a certain number of apartments for tourists to reserve a percentage for the local market.The measure is being prepared by a working group for policies in Housing, Mortgages and Taxation of Real Estate assets. According to the Jornal de Negócios, the parliamentary group, composed of the current government, the PS, and the BE (Bloco de Esquerda) has achieved a consensus on the steps to take. Pedro Soares of the Bloco de Esquerda states that they will likely “negotiate with the Government new initiatives for legislation during the next parliamentary session” - from September.While acknowledging that the regime, known as Alojamento Local, "can have a positive effect on the regeneration of city centres, in the refurbishment of properties, and in social diversity as well as improving the income of residents, creation of jobs, and economic recovery” , the MP’s have emphasized that too much Alojamento Local "reduces the availability of options to rent for anyone actually wants to live in the city".Pedro Soares regrets that, "with investors dedicating entire buildings to tourist rentals", the result will be to "kill the goose that lays the golden eggs and transform traditional neighbourhoods into a kind of Disneyland". Especially in Lisbon and Oporto, the practice has become increasingly common: large investors buy entire buildings for rent to tourists. In the parish districts of Santa Maria Maior and Misericordia, in the centre of Lisbon, there are about 2,700 units in the short-term rental regime - 8.8% of the total national supply.The working group has also agreed on an additional measure to increase the cost of the condominium charges for people who have apartments rented to tourists. Many different people passing through these apartments increases the use of the common or shared areas of the buildings.Another proposal still under discussion is the creation of a special municipal tax, destined to raise funds for urban and environmental sustainability.

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Can anyone please recommend a competent lawyer who is both competent and speaks reasonable English Your help and advice will be much appreciated.  Thank you.

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Just a heads up for everyone dealing with this issue. Fresh off the press as far as I know. Well, it has today's date.  http://sicnoticias.sapo.pt/economia/2016-06-16-Imposto-aplicado-a-veiculos-importados-de-outro-Estado-membro-e-illegal . Get Google to translate if you don't understand Portuguese.

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Hi everyone, I am in the process of buying property in Lisbon and am seeking a trustworthy real estate lawyer to help with the process. Does anyone know anyone that they could recommend? Thanks,BA

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Don't miss the newest article just published on Lisbon Live! The British Portuguese Chamber of Commerce (BPCC) is bringing awareness about Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs- EYE. This is a a cross-border exchange programme which gives new or aspiring entrepreneurs the chance to learn from experienced entrepreneurs running small businesses in other participating countries.Take a few minutes to read about this exciting programme right here: EYE

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Hello, I know this is a question that has come up before, but my husband is looking at starting a business and needs financial advice.  Does anyone know of a good English speaking accountant in the Caldas de Rainha area? Thanks, Annie

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I'm an American who is trying to find how to contact social security while in Lisbon. Can anyone help me, please?

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Hi,  I am buying a property near Setubal and I have a Fiscal Number with a UK address.  I cannot change the address to a Portuguese one until I have bought the house as I am staying with friends and don't have any proof that I have been living here for the last three months.  They friends cannot give me a contract or document.  The bank (and the Tax Office) are insisting that I will have to pay full IMT and not the reduced rate for Primary Portuguese Residence as my Fiscal Number is a UK one.  Is this right and is it possible to reclaim the overpaid IMT when I have moved in? x

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Hi there Does anyone know where I can go to get help with filling out my tax return?  I have tried the Portal Finances and have got confused, I know the other alternative is to go to the local offices and try and get hel, that is if they speak english. I have no idea how much an accountant will charge. Mine is quite straight forward as I have no earnings in Portugal. 

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Dear all i want to know about NIF and Social Security Number. (1) I here that NIF and Social Security number must be minimum three months older for applying resident permit. Is it True? (2) Please give me the address in Lisbon where i have to apply for NIF and Social Security Number. and fee? (3) Please Also provide me Application form for NIF and Social Security number.

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My question is about whether is is advantageous or not to have US and Portuguese citizenship where taxes are concerned? I don't understand much about this and want to know more so that future tax planning can be arranged. 

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Bank Transfers – change from NIB to IBAN From the beginning of February European banking regulations have changed to include a national code in your Bank account details. This code was already applied to transfers between accounts of different countries. It is known as your IBAN (International Bank Account Number). To transfer money you now need to use the IBAN rather than your NIB (Numero de Identificacao Bancaria). Banks no longer have the responsibility to add the national code to transactions where applicable. The IBAN is the same 21 digit number as your NIB but now preceded by the code PT50. Both numbers can be found in an ATM, in your online banking system, or you can ask for it at your local branch. Bank statements or Passbooks also include the number. It is possible that some bank systems may pre-fill the national code PT50 when you choose the option of making a national transfer but it will now always be the IBAN code that is required to replace the use of the NIB. Source DECO: Defesa do Consumidor

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